The book that floats

Embraer being one of the world’s third largest aeroplane producers is planning to launch their Lineage 1000. They appointed Agencia Africa, Brazil to develop this rather interesting book. Base on the use of magnetism and it’s repelling properties, the agency came out with the idea of having a book that ‘floats’. A great idea that works really well alongside the properties of a plane. An idea that isn’t way too outlandish but yet giving this catalog a rather different unique way to present itself to their prospective clients. Definitely a commendable effort there.

Make friends the easy way!

Clearly there is no better way to make friends than to do it over a toast! This is truly a brilliant idea from Budweiser. You can now scan the Buddy Glass, which has a chip at the bottom of the glass. By scanning, the chip now contains your Facebook information and every time it touches another glass, the two chips will be connected on Facebook with a friend request for friendship on the social platform! Imagine the amount of friends you would make should you go around toasting everyone! You do not need to exchange business cards or save yourself the hassle to go through the introduction phrase anymore. Now, all you need is to toast! What if you could use this glass to ‘tag’ someone? What if you toast the same glass two times and you get to ‘check-in’ with that person in the event? This idea has potentially opened up doors to more possible channels of networking. Very nice.