Read for me, please.

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Undeniably technology has slowly changed the way we live. Today, it can be said that humans are starting to rely on them to the extent where we are almost living on a lackadaisical routine. As cringing as it might be, technology does have its advantages especially if it could help to benefit physically impaired patients. Amazon’s new update for its Alexa digital gadget now incorporates a new smart speaker technology. The ‘Echo’ now narrates Kindle books and it can be activated simply by instructing the gadget with words like, “Alexa, read ‘book title'”.

This function immediately triggers Alexa to start the reading program. But do not expect real human reading with emotions but rather, a more robotic approach. Atop of the reading functions, it helps to track the books you were reading and also included smart voice commands like pause, go froward or resume. The complexity of the program is still in its infancy, so don’t expect it to be able to perform operations like jumping in between chapters within your Kindle book. Still, this can be a great help for people who wishes to listen rather than read. But truly, are we over relying on technology or are we really leveraging them to our greater convenience?

Flying postman

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FINALLY. IT has arrived. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has declared the company’s most awesome offering of the year – a delivery service directly from their warehouse, using flying drones! You cannot expect anything more cool than this. Seriously. Every time the postman would either leave me a note or left me stranded with just seconds from the door before he zooms off, leaving me completely furious. ‘Amazon Prime Air’ as they call the service, is here to solve my woes. Apparently the actual flying objectives are known as the ‘octocopter’. And as Bezos had said, each drone can basically deliver up to five-pound worth of package in the short span of half-an-hour. I would safely assume this service is going to run locally on a domestic basis in each country. Nonetheless, it is still cool. What really matters is not just the kind of technology we are relying on, but that this piece of technology actually goes green. The reality is most often or not technology brings more harm than kind but the drones which are powered by electricity, are still a greener approach compared to fumes emitting trucks. Amazon is another example of big giant corporations adopting a greener approach coupled with innovative solutions to improve our daily lives. Admirable.

 “You give them coordinates and which GPS locations to fly to, and they take off and fly,” said Bezos.