Everyone wants to protect their loved ones. So why cant we treat others the same? Humans are selfish by nature but this can be changed. Especially when the mistreatment of animals is seen happening everywhere. This video by FAADA, BBDO, Spain, depicts anger when our loved ones are being threatened. Protective parents exercising their rights to shield innocent children from abusive treatments. Stop wild animal abuse. Especially those manipulated for commercial consumptions.

Dog Dream House

They say pets can possibly live better lives than us humans. Check out this swanky looking dog house! One of the most notably biggest dog event, Crufts, is held in Brimingham NEC where Samsung featured their ‘Samsung Dream Doghouse’. It showcases a lavishly designed kennel with awesome tech built in. We see a cool treadmill, some really nice dog wallpapers, a dog food server and even a Samsung tablet nicely mounted on its lush interiors. Such is the quintessential for all the ultimate and affluent dog lovers.

Play, it’s good for you

We have seen commercials with little children immersing themselves in their stash of toys and the usual sales driven voiceover scripts. Here, we have an ad for dogs, featuring a food product with ‘play’ as it’s unique selling position. With no voiceovers, and just adorable dogs playing around while coordinating their act together, we see how dogs can have their fun. I particularly like the last part where the dominos falls, revealing the copy. “Play, it’s good for you.”