Modern vintage

Working as a digital illustrator and designer during my early days gave me opportunities to work with very talented creatives who were very craft driven, especially in the area of art and digital graphics. It helps especially for someone with the keen eye for details and the everlasting thirst for beautiful things. I had the pleasure to work with cool kids from all over the world and those who gave me the best memories were the few designers from Japan. Their sensitive touch and appreciation in graphic arts is unrivalled. Take a look at Japanese artist, Segawa thirty-seven. With the use of just Photoshop and After Effects, the artist is able to create these really alluring images. We see how sci-fi is infused with modern culture and ancient art. This mix extrudes an altered universe, yet so compelling to look and admire. The animated gifs depict realism and fun in all its entirety. View more of Segawa thirty-seven’s print works on hisĀ Twitter.

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Xmas Pinterest



Here’s a relatively interesting use of Pinterest. I have had the opportunity to work with a client on a past project where we created a huge image that was right smack onto the Pinterest gallery, allowing us to actually dissect the grid into different pictures. There are numerous ways to leverage on the grid system of Pinterest. Of course, ideally you would like to first do your research to understand the different offerings from each social app out there in the market before making a decision for a go ahead. What you see here is some really creative approach by advertising agency, Dare, from Vancouver. They pretty much make good use of the grid system of Pinterest to create a 25 days calendar out of it. Atop of that, each box is a video linked from Vimeo when you click it. Not only does it has a story behind it, there is content behind the entire work. Good use of media and great content engagement there guys.


Fabulous work from Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm! They have collaborated to create this awesome short animation for Superman, one of the world’s most famous superhero of all time. The world adore this superhero and have held him in high regard. This time round, they showcase the man of steel from his early days and we can see how each scene transit from one to another gracefully. Not only is there action, there is a change in the pen work and the way the characters are illustrated. There is so much character and content in just this short clip alone. Truly amazing. We see how the appearances of Clark Kent is being transformed all the way from its first appearance to the Henry Cavill look in the recent Man of Steel movie. This animation is the production of Warner Bros as it sees fit a tribute to the iconic hero. Superman has stand the test of time. He is a timeless legend.

Fly, bird! Fly!

Animations can be so entertaining to watch and with great storytelling, it can extremely enjoyable. Ireland-based director and animator Conor Finnegan just did a great short film. With cute cartoon character, funny story line and interesting production materials used, it is a fusion of mediums and graphics. A story about a bird who is extremely afraid of flying. Dougal, the male cast, has decided to took on the winter weather challenge instead of seeking another location for refugee, mainly due to his fear of flying. Somehow he manages to do so. Check out the beautiful animation.

Paper City

Wow, I am completely captivated by this beautiful animation. Director Maciek Janick has created this amazing animation which follows the gorgeous method of paper folding. We see from an ariel view the town as it unveils roads, buildings and mountains while a little car travels across it. Very smooth transitions can be seen as the Paper City grows to live. The music is also seemingly charming. Eventually the city fades off by crumbling slowly back to the ground. Very cute animation.

Direction, Animation, Scultping, Camera, Architecture:
Maciek Janicki ( / )

Music: Misophone ( / new album: )

Sound Design: Ithaca Audio ( )

The best Render Farm on the planet:

Dipshit*London ( )