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Music is an essential part of our daily mobile activities. As demand for music becomes mandatory, the increase in needs for better mobile devices like ear pieces and ear phones becomes an integral part of the mobile offerings. We see that there is both growth in hardware and software as the market booms. Hence, this has led to the music streaming industry’s popularity which is seen leveraging on the concept of music on the go. We see a lot of companies diving into this sector of the business. Twitter, being one of the later few to dwell into this business has been offering quite a bit to stay competitive. However, the Twitter #Music app not only did not make it to stardom, it was soon forgotten, plunging right down the abyss of the App Store. In an attempt to try and push it back into charts again, Twitter is updating the app with a few features. You can now choose from your favorite artist’s top tracks instead of being actually forced to listen to the tracks Twitter deemed suitable from an artist.

Twitter now scans your library of music and lets you see which musicians your favorite artists are following and help you find interesting listening material. This significantly increases listening potential for most users. Also, to add up the interest level even further, Twitter #Music now improve their search results by catering to your needs even further since it now scans your library of music. Phone base scanning has been part of the norm these days and people are getting so used to it that it almost does not strike on them the intrusion of privacy. Well, seems to me that Twitter is really trying to make this app work. I say, why not give this app a try?


What makes a Good App?


Coming out with a great app is never an easy task. Some of the factors involves great planning, beautiful aesthetics, great technology integration or even effective data analysis. Whichever the case, the context of mobile should always be of top priority. You need to understand the circumstances and the situation that your user will be in when he/she launches your app. By answering to their needs, you have half the battle won. I want to discuss some of the effective points to note when coming out with an effective mobile app.

1. Dont just duplicate your work in every channel with the same boring executions.
You realize that smartphones do have their technological advantages over desktops or tablets. And you really should be taking full advantage of that at your disposal. On mobile, there are many possible features like NFC (Near Field Communications), ┬álocation based services, sms push and maps. Consider their potential and use them for your marketing advantage. Don’t literally translate your web or online materials directly onto the phone when you have the luxury of an arsenal of tools. I mentioned before in an article with regards to in-store shopping (shopper marketing) where brands tap on sms marketing to send out relevant sms messages to targeted customers as well as providing customers with incentives through the use of phone features as a way to enhance the in-store user experience. One of the key combinations that I constantly brought out would be the use of mobile with outdoor media. So it’s really important for businesses to take note that mobile usage is on the rise and it is not necessary at home but also very prevalent on outdoor usage these days.


2. Make your app easy to digest and modular
There are so many apps that are produced everyday. What makes your app so special? Is it the functions or is it the details? There is no clear answer to determine your ROI for this huge budget you set aside to develop the app. But one of the important points to remember is that a good app is normally easy and simple to use. That helps to let a new user pick up a trick or two and you then slowly interact and push more features to the user.

By modular, I believe your app has got to be structured in a way it allows a user to customize features that he likes. This gives him a sense of ownership and individualism. For example, I personally love Flipboard, an app which gives me my daily intake of creative juice. I get to see lovely artworks, magazine covers, furnitures and toys which I handpicked from my favorite list of news sources. That makes me want to share this unique list with my peers whom I know might also have a different unique list of daily inspirations. You want to design your app to be able to combine with different features and functions as well. And by features and functions, I really refer to those that would enrich or add value to the lives of the user. Examples of such apps would be banking apps that allows users to actually avoid the hassle of going to the bank by letting them handle their bank transactions on the go.


3. Make sure your app is not boring
As with most successful apps, they do not attempt to bore you down with pages of forms to fill. I could pretty much understand that in order for businesses to gather important information about their users, such details are needed. But you could do it in a subtle manner through small games or in-app features. Ensure that every step you take is cautious, taking your user’s experience as top priority rather than your desired goals. This will definitely give your users the eagerness to share the information that you want. Thus, avoid having your app downloaded and shortly later, getting trashed. A great app helps to keep the user captivated for as long as he/she wants. And the more you can provide for your user, the more he/she would revisit your app. Personally, I use SoundHound a lot when I’m driving because it helps me to recognize the music I’m listening to over the radio stations.


3. Help to enlist a user pattern to form new behaviors
You want to make it a habit for users to automatically launch your app the moment they have a decision to make in their minds. As people start to get really reliant on their mobile devices, they began to depend on the information they get from the app itself. Every time I plan to purchase a new LEGO set for investment, I will fire up my LEGO apps which provides me with the details of the new and upcoming sets. But the apps that would really help is definitely one that gives a foresight of the possible investment opportunities should I purchase that box set and how and where I should buy it from. That kind of information and features would add value to me that makes it inevitable for me every single time I place my decisions. Remember, more and more users are spending incredible amounts of time on retail apps before making the ‘right’ decisions. Another area to note would be transactional apps. These are potentially money-making apps that would influence a user to make a purchasing decision within the app itself. Direct marketing through apps would require an even stronger reason to believe functions and features to make the purchase possible.


4. Measurements of success
As with all marketing campaigns, you need to know the response and the results of the work you produced. You constantly receive requests from apps to update through the app store. Companies see the need to improve their apps to provide a better user experience. They learnt and understand what they might have missed from their previous implementations and improve on it. Practice makes perfect. With more fine tuning and tweaking, you can polish up your app to provide more for the users. Not only does this improves it’s features, we must also understand that apps are hosted by the mobile devices which are constantly changing in terms of technology and the operating systems that comes with it. Always making sure that your app stays current and compatible with these technology is vital to keep user experience optimal.


Throughout my career, I have developed quite a fair bit of apps for my clients and their businesses, and have seen the success that entails. Most of the them understands the core principles of making a good app as well as being receptive to the rapid changes in trends and technology. I believe a great app is one that requires great planning, client-agency relationships, functions&features, set of objectives, constant improvements and result analysis.

$10 000 iTunes store gift


Some of the great activities that would attract instant crowd would be cash prizes. As much as I personally do not support the idea of throwing away monetary incentives for the sake of doing so, I believe Apple has done a really good job this time. It answers to the objectives of them wanting to thank it’s consumers for their never-say-die support as well as to encourage downloads which in turn benefits the partnering companies. A live countdown ticker on the iTunes page also creates further excitement as people keep a constant lookout for it.

This promotion is available only to most who are 13 or older in a country where there is App Store. Brands must learn to incentivise their consumers at the right time. This builds brand loyalty by not cheapening the brand image.