Indoor mapping technology

map function Apple's iPhone 5

Amazing news from Apple! Personally after using the Google maps on my IOS, I do agree that it is much more reliable. Now we all know about the catastrophe of Apple’s native map app and this seems to me, a relatively smart move to improve their reputation. With the new acquisition, this new software would allow people to navigate within buildings! Awesome technology worth mentioning.


Mobile gambling is lucrative

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at AM 07.35.02

Seems to me that with the advancement of technology, people can now bring their sport to a newer level! I have not expect that online gambling is so lucrative and prevalent in the UK. It is ubiquitous that gambling is generally not a good habit, but aside from that, It is amazing now with mobile, gambling will become even easier and convenient.

Esquire Magazine: Talk To Esquire iPad App

OK. This is getting really creepy. Remember the app featuring David Ogilvy where you could ask the ad legend almost anything and have David basically answering to all your queries? This one is rather similar but with a seamless voice recognition. Now beat that. While I have always wonder how palatable this idea was, it seem like Esquire just prove it works. This could potentially lead to a new generation of apps where we could all just let our mouth do the app navigations. Impressive feat I did say. Well done.