Mirror Mirror, on the wall…

Sharp Electronics awe us the perks of embracing innovative technology to enhance in-store shopping experience. A nice video here to demonstrate how consumers can now see themselves virtually ‘wearing’ what they may or may not be trying on at the store. The Magic Mirror was developed for UNIQLO clothing stores, empowered by a 60″ High Brightness Professional Display and launched during the Digital Signage Expo 2013. This is yet another innovative approach to further add a little bit of touch to polish up a better shopping experience. Not only does the mirror allow you to take a snapshot of yourself (or what you may be virtually wearing), it also has an accompanying tablet that syncs to your social platforms. As technology advances, we will definitely see our retail shopping behaviors and habits changing.

Google Chrome: The World Wide Maze

I have to admit that I am an avid fan of the tech giant, Google. With it’s repertoire of creative experiments going on right now, I am constantly amazed at what the people at Google really does every day. These are amazing ideas and very digitally innovative. Games like these keeps the audience engaged and captivated by the action and the momentum of the graphics. Yes, it might just be your favorite website that they are translating right now. As a creative I have always kept the “What if” question in check. And I mull over the idea if you apply this creative concept together with augmented reality. What will that turn out to be? You could probably pinball almost anything. Seriously.