Giant lunchbox

One of the commonly used creative approach for outdoor advertising. The ‘bigger-than-life’ approach to create attention. McDonald’s restaurant in Sydney, Australia has executed a large scale stunt where they erect a giant size kid’s lunch box done up with vivid colours and an amazing facade! DDB Sydney headed the project and has implemented this outdoor activation to move around Australia. Major cities like Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne will see this big lovely lunch box hitting their streets! This surprise is actually another exciting pop-up restaurant to give McDonalds fans another interesting dinning experience.

Living on the edge

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I know I havent been catching up a lot on design stuffs. Not that I will, but this article I chance upon on DesignTaxi just had to come on to the blog. First thing that came to my mind, “Man, I want that!” A house so dangerously mounted on to the edge of the cliff! Check this house from the Southwest coast of Victoria, Australia. That view! At this point, the design had significantly outweighed practicality. The Cliff House, is designed by Modscape Concept in an attempt to answer to the amazing needs for an unique yet adventurous clientele. Definitely a very intense moment for those with a phobia for heights but a very outlandish way of living for those who truly appreciate heights! As you can see, the highest floor is basically designed for the vehicle while the different levels portray a different segment of the house. Interestingly, the house diverges down narrowing as it moves lower. One must be pondering how this structure can actually be securely mounted to the edge of the cliff. To answer that, the designers have used engineered steel pins to ensure security has not been compromised. Awesome!

Books for everyone

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As technology gets incorporated into our daily lives, more and more things that we do everyday can be readily replaced. There seems to be quite a bit going on with regards to the use of drone technology. Where machines replace labor, it helps corporations save up a lot on their manual overheads. Australian textbook rental startup, Zookal is making this a reality. They plan to utilize drones as their dispatch service in Australia next year. They also have plans to make this a reality in the US by 2015. It is the first company to adopt a fully automated drone technology for commercial purposes. With six drones to start off, they would drop off the textbooks on an open space of the client’s desired location, avoiding possible collisions with nearby trees, buildings as well as potential obstacles. The service aims to deliver service and is sync online with a smartphone app. This is a rather innovative way of transporting items. I see the use of drones will increase with time.

Water signage?

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This is really a cool idea that would help in avoiding a collision. In an effort to reduce physical traffic signage and accidents, light show company Laservision are experimenting using a sheet of water with light laser projecting on it. This is done up at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel with more available in the city as well. The good thing about having such signage is the fact that it literally catches your attention. If the driver fails to notice it, he could still drive through it without heading into a collision. These pop-up signs has started off since 2007 and has therefore successfully prevented vehicles from turning into unintended traffic. I could see more of this being used in other parts of the world. In Singapore water sheet projection is used primarily for visual aesthetics. One example is the foundation of wealth in Suntec city where people had their messages displayed on the water foundation. Water projection is starting to see more relevant usage in our daily lives.