I couldn’t believe my eyes upon seeing this. I told myself this cant be true. A Wolverine-themed vehicle made by a Korean brand? Regardless, check out this collaborated piece with Fox in their effort to promote their Blu-Ray version of X-Men: Days of Future Past. As much as most fans are concerned, is this even legit? I mean there could be other versions of superhero vehicles to be inspired. They even named it the Kia Sorento Wolverine. But seriously, check out those claws. Seem like washing the vehicle can be an extra claw eh? Now, can you imagine a Magneto or Cyclops inspired Kia?


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This is probably one of the best combination between style and sports. Obviously cycling as a sport has revved up a lot of attention over the years and the sport garnered enough support globally to have gotten itself a noticeable position in the sports world. Now, having that kind of attention isn’t enough but strapping that idea together with automobile giant, Jaguar, creates a whole new level of experience. Check out the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe together with its V8 exhaust engine. The “Special Vehicle Operations Builds F-TYPE Concept” was designed for Team Sky to provide support for their Tour in July’s time trial. What do you think of the design?

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Mini Camper



I absolutely love the Volkswagen camper. I believed I have blogged about the final production days of this iconic camper van before. Failing to meet new safety regulatory measures, the production line for this beautiful camper had to come to an end. This would be the last batch from Volkswagen and would be released exclusively in Brazil. Also known as ‘Last Series Special Edition Kombi’, it definitely looks a lot better than its predecessors. All in all it has a long history of 63 years. There will be a total of 600 campers being produced. There are definitely a lot of the iconic features we will in this last batch which can be spotted from the older designs. There would be an upholstery vinyl with that touch of nostalgia. The Kombi is able to fit in up to nine people. It comes fitted in with white rims. Priced at US$35,600, it will be sold in Brazil exclusively.

Range Rover – Scent

The Land Rover brand is becoming a big hit amongst many youths these days who aspires to take on the off road experience. The Range Rover, however, is a modern luxury SUV with off road features. With the vehicle’s sexy facade and it’s powerful engine, it is easily one of the most adored ride for city cruising. Check out Y&R, USA’s recent TV commercial for the Range Rover. We see a man returning a scarf he found with the help of his ride and pet dog, to this lovely lady. A simple advertisement that brings about the car and the lifestyle it entails.

Not your everyday family car

Advertising has evolved to meet our ambitious behaviors and consumption. One of the formulas commonly adopted in advertising is the dramatizing of the product proposition. While the proliferation of crappy ads done in bad taste has choked the media often, there are some who make dramas seem so smooth. SKODA has recently did this commercial which evidently displays their Octavia vRS as one family car with a difference. And a massive difference we are talking about here. We literally witness the idea of how “even a bad ass would envy” theme come to life here. While the car cruises down the road, a series of dramatic events unfold one after another. By capturing the facial expressions of each individual and their reaction upon seeing the car, it is undoubtedly one attention seeker.

“The new more powerful Octavia vRS. It’s not your everyday family car.”

Thats a standard product benefit pack with a twist. And we can clearly see it in the commercial. Nowadays automobile commercials are starting to get more interesting.

Strong USPs leads to good marketing

Driving an SUV for off road travels is a pleasure for most people. You go camping, hiking or even on a picnic with your SUV ride together with the wife and kids, makes up for a great weekend off the hectic week of work. Im personally a fan of SUV cars, but that hasn’t stop me from keeping my eyes on other interesting types of cars in the market. While I do confess my love for luxury sedans, as a creative I always keep my eyes open for interesting innovative cars that makes it’s appearance once in a while. The Smart fortwo is a rather unique car that does pique my interest with their rather quirky commercials. Due to the nature and positioning of this adorable looking car, advertising for this vehicle is more often or not, made with creativity. We see in this commercial how the car tried being an off road vehicle by challenging mountains and even dashing into the river! It is amusing to see how it failed at being so adventurous but yet a really tough hotshot in the city by ending with the Smart fortwo doing a really quick fascinating parallel parking. Nice way to position the vehicle by first showing it’s weakness and then exploiting it’s potential. Another vehicle well marketed. “The Smart fortwo: The Ultimate City Car”. Oh you bet it is.