Basketball projection

This is quite a spectacular way to introduce a game. Check out this projection through Quince imaging’s 3D technology. It features the pre and post-shows on the Philadelphia 76ers basketball court. Building excitement and hype, this is a good way to showcase more thrilling scenes and pre warm the thrilling crowd. The video includes animations of the players, their awesome shots as well as the team line ups. Very cool stuff.

The leather basket ball



Chanced upon this interesting product which French luxury label, Hermès has produced. What you are seeing here is a basketball made of calfskin leather. It is rather amazing how luxury brands actually do create their version of unique items. In this case the basketball is priced at US$12,900. As a matter of fact, you can even play real basketball with this material. I personally find this a rather interesting and cool idea.

Hoops and Jumps

Sometimes the best ideas are the products from the manifestation of simple yet practical marketing objectives. When you think about basketball, you think about hoops and jumps. Adidas bring these to life with a very simple yet effective idea: Jump with Derrick Rose. In this video you see how the people would jump in order to reach for the shoe they desire. Enough said, this idea really speaks for itself. Great experience and engagement. Well done Adidas.