Everyone wants to protect their loved ones. So why cant we treat others the same? Humans are selfish by nature but this can be changed. Especially when the mistreatment of animals is seen happening everywhere. This video by FAADA, BBDO, Spain, depicts anger when our loved ones are being threatened. Protective parents exercising their rights to shield innocent children from abusive treatments. Stop wild animal abuse. Especially those manipulated for commercial consumptions.

Fire at the old well

One of the proven methods of advertising is to position a product desirability above everything else. Such a practice most often or not, leads to dramatic outcomes taken by the cast in the commercial to create an amusing and hilarious scenario. DB Export Gold recently launch a commercial by Colenso BBDO, with a man who consistently vanishes in a jiffy with the same excuse: “Theres fire at the old well!” We see a dog rushing up to him at every scenario and the calling was so great he had to remove himself from whichever situation he is in. At first, it might seem like he is really going off urgently, but the truth is revealed at the end of the commercial. He is seen dashing for that golden bottle of beer. I kinda love the suspense building part. Interesting way to position the desire element.

Goodbye, old sport



Havent seen such great creative quality for an ad for a long long while. Reverse advertising can be so impactful when you play your cards well. Have a read at the copy and you would come to realize that it is not only fantastic, it is brilliant in so many ways. The VW Van does create so many memories and now Volkswagen has decided to ‘unlaunch’ it by creating the last of their iconic bus. It will definitely be missed by many of us. Especially those who had great fond memories that were built on with the Volkswagen bus experience. Such a pity but I guess there is a time when even legends need to give it a rest. And the time has come.



Singing is not for everyone

We have yet another funny commercial from Footlocker in collaboration with BBDO New York. This time featuring NBA players James Harden and Stephen Curry. It starts off with Stephen storming into the recording studio stopping Harden from continuing his music recording session. Harden wishes to progress his career more by developing his music talent. His concept of staying “Fresh” while being ahead in his career, was busted with Curry advising him to go get that freshness at Footlocker. A nice way to put across the brand message from an in-story script approach where we see a nice honest scene between two friends here. Thanks to Curry, Harden realizes his crappy recording after a play back. Interesting yet amusing approach to make celebrity endorsements less mundane.

Off that endorsing machine

Most people would instantly switch their mind off the moment commercials start hitting their screens. Commercials to them is an instant interruption. What we really want to do these days is to get them out of this paradigm. Of course, celebrity endorsements are by now, ranked the most utterly trashed way of product marketing. They get paid lots of money to say awesome things that really doesn’t appear so. Footlocker wants to make sure that their spokesperson, NBS player Blake Griffin, make it a point to say the truth. And that is how truly kick-ass Footlocker is. In addition to that, Blake also talks about how the brand actually make him shine at his best. Check out the amusing approach BBDO New York adopted for this commercial. Great job.

Tampon camp

When was the time you hear someone senior telling you that it takes a girl to market a girl’s product? I remember vividly the time when I was handed a brief on a tampon brand. Back then, I hadn’t the slightest clue of the product nor the immense knowledge of its product nature and for once I actually took the advice of passing the brief to another team. Well, turns out I am actually wrong. This video was created by Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, both ex BBDO team partners for tampon subscription service, HellpFlo. The videos portrays a very prickly young pre-teen girl who experiences her period before all the rest of her peers. She takes this situation into her leverage by becoming the ‘camp gyno’. An amusing video with engaging scenarios.

“It was beginning of summer, and no one knew me at camp,” she begins. “I was a just a big random loser. Then, things changed. I got my period. The red badge of courage!”

This video creates a rather engaging experience for the audience and revealing the product brand at the end with emphasis on it’s benefits. An effective way to get the audience to remember the brand.




Stop checking on the hair, dude.

Driving is definitely sheer pleasure with great german technology. The emphasis on the experience of driving is one which most of us can relate to. That kind of emotional relation draws your clients closer to your brand. There are many ways to explore when coming out with a good creative idea. Whether it is to bang on an idea that shrieks of the brand name, a comparison between brands, a bashing approach or in this case purely on the emotional aspect of the consumer. BBDO has recently done a commercial for Mercedes. We see a guy in his Mercedes-Benz cruising around while he constantly takes a glimpse of the rearview mirror. A nice blend of smoothing music on the background extrudes a sense of calmness while building up a relaxing ambient. We witness joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in him. He gets carried away and eventually something bad is ABOUT to happen. The point to note here is the emphasis on the event that might happen should he continue to skive his attention off the road. Here, we see how the car effectively place him back on track. The commercial ends with the line “When your mind wanders, ATTENTION ASSIST brings it back”. While I have to admit most automotive car commercials could be rather serious and mundane, this is quite cleverly done.

Talking window?

Another cool new innovative media for the world has launched yet again. We are seeing more great work from BBDO Dusseldorf. This time, we have a talking window! Tapping on to the technology of a special transmitter that releases high-frequency oscillations which will be converted into sound inside your brain! Meaning to say, people around you won’t be able to hear it except for you. You do not need any acoustic signals or device on your ears, all you need is to lean your head against the glass and the sound will travel into your brain. The technology is also known as bone conduction. Very cool! Brilliant way of passing information in a distinct and interesting manner!



Volkswagen Golf 7: 3D Projection Mapping Event

Awesome. Can’t help but repeat this video a couple of times to see how the digital graphics flow so seamlessly throughout. It not only gives you a hint of what you could do, the car’s heritage, it also highlights how interesting your Golf could be. Projection mapping is not new but slowly gaining more recognition here in Asia and I have seen quite a number of events making good use of lights and digital effects to map huge event artifacts and it works pretty well. BBDO New York did their version of mapping on water for Gillette and it was totally out of this world. Still, projection mappings when executed nicely is a sight to behold.