Virtual tour of ‘Yourope’

BBH has came out with an excellent interactive Youtube based commercial that allows you to virtually travel like a posh celebrity or as a rugged punk. So as it now seems, advertising has taken on a much more interactive approach with innovative tweaks. Check out this amazing video now.


The future has come back

Do you hate what your doing and how things are moving along for you? Johnnie Walker recently had a campaign with the message: “From the Future”. We see a number of people feeling frustrated at work, disappointed and disheartened about their lives. The voiceover in the commercial narrates their situation and probes the audience if they felt the same. He then tells you that you would be different and that he cannot change you for who you are now because the voice you are hearing right now is actually yours. There seems to be a continuation and I would like to see the outcome of this campaign. This is creative work from the famous ad agency, BBH, UK, for Johnnie Walker.