Colors colors colors

If it’s IKEA, you just gotta love it. With the avalanche of zany yet provocative campaigns from the furniture giant,  it is no wonder it receive such great support from it’s supporters. Effective communication through creativity is the cornerstone for most of the works produced by IKEA. As much as I recalled, innovative approaches to traditional media seems to be prevalent in a lot of IKEA’s campaign. With less costly media placements, they attempted and successfully garnered high traction. This time round, they again push the boundaries of traditional outdoor advertising. Executed in Belgium, witness how these lovely colorful bus stop billboards actually captured the public’s attention through bright vibrant colors. As you go nearer, you see fine lines delineating the contours of furnitures. Interesting concept. Love the art direction and idea.

Drink responsibly

Drink driving has always been a constant issue and imperative measures should be taken to prevent it from happening. While there have been many attempts to stop drink driving like advertisements, tv commercials or even road signs, there are still cases of drink driving. In an effort to ensure more effective results, Belgium’s Responsible Young Drivers (RYD), took on an initiative to develop a car park barrier that would only open if the driver is considered sober by passing the breathalyzer test. Traditionally, the effectivity of ideas based on the “if-you-do-this, then-you-get-this” formula is bound to garner successful results. To experiment the effectivity of the barriers, RYD set up barriers at the parking lot of Carré, one of the hottest clubs in the country during its 22nd anniversary. They collaborated with B-Park Engineers, to have the barrier arm programmed alongside the breathalyzer. It allows drivers to blow into it to determine if they had too much to drink. The barrier would remain close if the driver had a drink too much. He would need an alternate driver to take over the wheel or risk having to stay over the night. The club’s patrons were warned beforehand of this particular barrier and the amazing results was that 90 percent make sure they were responsible drivers and kept alcohol to a minimum. RYD has seen results and is planning to continue to develop this into an idea.