Creative packaging

I refer to a post on CB, Creative Bloq. This article gives a really interesting insight into the type of packaging to use to make your package stand out from the clutter. Obviously, the idea of coming out with interesting packages has always posed a problem for most art directors. Since a lot of creatives are mainly focused on ideation for above the line marketing purposes, a huge percentage of creatives tend to lose their touch in design, brick and motar design aspects. A nicely done up brochure with great copy and good visual direction will see itself in the bin right away if the package doesn’t appeal to the receiver. He/she wouldn’t bother opening it up to view the contents. So i think it is great advice to start to be in the know for what’s really cool and fascinating as a package.

Check out the article here: Creative Bloq. It gives great insights on the type of packaging that you could explore. Here are some of the visuals taken from the site. In a nutshell, it talks about using different approaches:

1. Stamps and seals.
2. Interesting colors.
3. Unique boxes.
4. Materials.
5. Sizes, shapes and textures.
6. Small bite sized packages.

Ok, have a read and see if you can come out with something amazing to jazz up your package next time.

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Heineken and it’s success

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I have worked with several lager labels and time and again I was given a task that would pit against the brilliant branding efforts of Heineken. The truth is, many beer labels aspired and have taken Heineken’s branding innovations as a benchmark to challenge for. But in reality, Heineken has proven itself to be one that is not only very innovative, very alternative, very adroit, but very consumer driven. The key to it’s success is that it seldom pulls off it’s stunts based upon the traditional approach of passive brand persuasion. I would like to emphasis once again, that they take their consumers VERY seriously. Here are a few of the branding innovations Heineken adopted over the course of their campaign periods. Lately, their campaign, ‘Your Future Bottle Challenge’, would leverage on crowd-sourced content form fans all over the world to create the winning design for their future bottle. And the results of the winning design would be a fresh print on a limited edition packaging featured in 2014 to give the classic logo a new look. See? Once again, they placed their fans BEFORE everything else. Atop of all these, another winning formula to note is that the brand itself has a lot of collaborations with companies out there which allow their consumers to either benefit in terms of convenience or appeal to them in terms of visual aesthetics. I strongly believe to place your voice in the hearts of your consumers while constantly working with new partners to create innovative work is something that should be inherent in almost any successful brand strategy. Lastly, it is imperative to be innovative, constantly challenging what you have done before and making groundbreaking work through innovation and creativity.

Eat my business card!



As funny as it might sound, it is actually pretty interesting to have a business card that is edible. In fact, there is a fun element to it when we give a standard creative collateral, a little creative twist to it. Six Taste catering for this case has made the event an unforgettable one by creating their tasty business cards. I do agree that people tend to discard off the business cards they receive. However, to have people munching on one is very unusual. That alone would create an impression. After all, the purpose of a business card would be to create an impression on your first meeting. Interesting, unusual yet refreshing idea.