Don’t hit them

252604_2_800 domestic-violence-ad

I realise i do have a liking for billboard advertising, especially those that bring out the intended messaging through very creative means. Take domestic violence for example, I have seen tons of them done in a very statistical manner, direct and not interesting at all. You don’t grab a person’s attention, you don’t get to communicate anything at all. UNICEF’s recent billboard shows transitions between the day and the night. Just like violence at home, it usually happens during the night. Interestingly, this level of relevance is imperative in getting the right attention at the right time. It is reported that there are close to three million cases in the United States where children are abused badly. These ads brings awareness to people about violence at home, in the night where it goes pitch dark, it brilliantly casts a shadow of a horrifying figure attempting to strike the little kid. Interesting execution.


Charity Billboard

This idea seemed impossibly cool. Bringing mobile payment to billboards are a step ahead of the usual functions of what typical billboards do. With just a simple swipe, you can do good to the society. Its actually a pretty cool idea. Coined the ‘The Social Swipe’, it allows people to swipe their credit card through a dual screen billboard. And the best thing is, you immediately turn this into a donation with very cool story and graphics as you slide through. A bread being sliced into half, a boy getting unroped and more. Interesting use of technology.

3 billboards in 1

An idea so original deserves its seat here. Check out IKEA Germany’s latest offering together with German ad agency, Thjink in collaboration with production studio, I Made This. They jointly created this amazingly creative billboard. I love outdoor advertising. Especially those that shouts creativity. Simple billboards might not mean anything, but so long as it cleverly executes the communication message, it brings about massive amount of attention. This RGB billboard uses cyan, magenta and yellow and through the usage of interesting overhead lights like red, green and blue, it reveals 3 different headlines. Consequently, this resulted in IKEA’s clever use of this ad space by leveraging up to 3 times the size of a small 9 meters billboard to 27 meters! IKEA has been producing creative work and innovative brand experiences, the brand epitomizes great quality work through restricted media and resources. A truly remarkable brand who deserves such a strong following thus far.

Reactive billboards

This in my opinion is LIVE Interaction. I mean I haven’t seen an installation like this yet. Maybe some digital billboards has got great interactivity with mobile technology but to have one that reacts to the environment, especially something so random like this, is pretty interesting. In Singapore, all endeavors to create digital interactive billboards have resulted in epic failures. This example here by British Airways features a little boy waiting for a plane to fly past. Upon detection, he rushes forwards and immediately identifies the plane with much verve. Brilliant execution by Ogilvy UK. Nice execution indeed. Now, who says billboard advertising is to be dull and boring?

Billboards may not be as it seems

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Do not underestimate the power of billboard advertising. As it may seem to most marketers, it is just a traditional media where most assumed and abuse the theory of the 3 second visibility rule. Yes, I concur that commuters take a short glance at billboards while some don’t even bother to. However, one should also remember that even the billboard has potential to garner unprecedented attention when used correctly. It actually visually stuns your audience to a certain degree that they might even stand and awe at it. Some might even take a picture and before you know it, they have shared it on their social accounts. Love Designs’, a Manchester agency thrives to capture the imagination and attention of the general public with their very impressive minimalistic billboards. From the example above, you can see how impactful they are when placed strategically, accompanied by impressive creative ideas. Their main objective is to create practical ads to mold into city environments.

“In today’s world advertisements are everywhere so we need to get more and more creative to get noticed.”

It is imperative that marketers and advertisers step up their game on the use of traditional media to complement the evolving trends of digital instead of ditching them and losing out more and more effective channels of advertising.