Design Pepsi

I find art by Piet Mondrain to be extremely fascinating. To see it being applied on our everyday life can be rather interesting. Designer, Andrea Salamino created an almost new Pepsi can that is clad in traditional Modrian print style. I love how he craft style into the iconic Pepsi can, converting the predominant blue into a new unique identity. Design is integral to our lives and at times we can bring forward a difference by stimulating the way we see and feel things around us. Especially things that we consumed frequently, a well conceived execution brings forward a strong statement. More of his work can be viewed here.

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Vodka Spine

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Packaging has always been a core marketing factor for most alcoholic companies. You need a very strong and astounding design to stand out from the masses. Spine Vodka’s design is one that aims to be inspirational with the work done by German designer Johannes Schulz.

“It was a private project I started after my graduation of an international communication design school in Hamburg, Germany,” he explains. “Spine is a high quality product just like the design, reduced and simple with a consciously ‘twist’ in his message and a memorable name fitting to the project.”

A very interesting design that looks so different compared to the vodka brands on the shelves. It comes with the integration of the spine together with the ribcage. It is said to communicate a product with a ‘backbone’. With a nice 3D design angle to this visual, it sets a big difference from other vodka brands.