Chanel x Monster

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Another exciting collaboration between two powerhouse brands, the Chanel x Monster headphones is one with not only stunning visual appeal, it also comes with an obscene price tag. This really awesome looking headphone features┬áChanel’s signature leather design with quilted design and of course, their trademark black color. Looking really sleek and cool, the magnificent audio piece would cost $5,000 USD and is readily available at Chanel boutiques soon. Will you kop one for yourself?

Mobile behaviour



Facebook, one of the number one most used app in Asia (where I come from) has certainly integrate itself into the lives of many asians. This article reports most people using Facebook mainly to check on their news feed. I am not too interested on what this article has to say but rather I’m fascinated by the fact that why hasn’t a lot of brands leverage on the news feed platform for raising brand awareness? A lot of palatable ideas can be use to attract people’s attention. One idea to keep consumers constantly engaged is to test their anticipation by getting them count the number of posts a day or even the time between each post and the winner gets a┬áreally sweet prize!