Talking to me?

Always a big fan of outdoor activations, I enjoyed seeing how powerful ideas turn to life together with the amount of joy and laughter it elicits from people. What we have here is an interesting mirror that actually talks to people who passes by. Originated from Brazil, bread brand Nutrella created the ‘friendly mirror’ which aims to make your day by singing praises and talking. Creepy, some might say, but the tonality has simply made it a rather amusing experience.

Animal selfies?


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I don’t recall seeing a lot from National Geographic lately, but this new series of interesting visuals are actually quite hilarious. In order to promote the National Geographic Collection for nature images, Brazilian photo agency Diomedia took on a rather interesting approach. They began featuring animals taking selfies. With the most humane poses and oddest locations, these animals unleash their vanity. While print advertising is slowly facing a decline, those that appear generally make an impact.

The Hunter

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It gets exhilarating whenever I see brilliant creative work. As much as I am adamant that creative work should strive to be innovative and experiential, print media has its beauty and continued to be an integral part of the creative implementations. There has been great work from awesome agencies and most often or not, the best work are generally very clear and less subtle on their messaging. Here is an example of a really visually impactful yet clear cut messaging by advertising agency, Heads Propaganda, Brazil, in an effort to warn us of the impending danger when we neglect cyclists on the roads. Respect them, don’t ‘hunt’ them.

Traditional advertising and its beauty

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Traditional advertising is often associated with print ads that daunts upon you with a surfeit of hard selling copywriting accompanied by bland product visuals. On the contrary, there is still beauty in every media regardless of its mundane nature. Nice amusing yet insightful ads are a pleasure to the viewers, it communicates the message without much convoluted details. Take these ads by advertising agency, Delantero, Fortaleza, Brazil for example. Despite having longer than usual headlines, they are a pleasure to read, watch and understand. Despite the world now recognizes digital media as the new kid on the block, the idea of novelty in print ads still has a long way to go. Personally, these ads for Zona social media week are beautifully drawn and crafted. Love the concept and humor behind these quotes.

pantene_straight_2400 pantene_curls_2400


And here’s two ads for Pantene by Grey, Lima, Peru. Again it does not take one too long to decipher the hidden message behind these ads. What piqued my interest is how some ads would generally be able to guide their viewers in the direction for them to understand the message. Interestingly, smartly crafted visuals alone without surfeit of crapulous data is succinct to illustrate a good message. To say the end of print is upon us, is a statement far from reality.

Mini Camper



I absolutely love the Volkswagen camper. I believed I have blogged about the final production days of this iconic camper van before. Failing to meet new safety regulatory measures, the production line for this beautiful camper had to come to an end. This would be the last batch from Volkswagen and would be released exclusively in Brazil. Also known as ‘Last Series Special Edition Kombi’, it definitely looks a lot better than its predecessors. All in all it has a long history of 63 years. There will be a total of 600 campers being produced. There are definitely a lot of the iconic features we will in this last batch which can be spotted from the older designs. There would be an upholstery vinyl with that touch of nostalgia. The Kombi is able to fit in up to nine people. It comes fitted in with white rims. Priced at US$35,600, it will be sold in Brazil exclusively.



Once again we witness a larger than life installation by advertising agency Molotov, São Paulo, Brazil. With a tagline “Do you see how smoking disrupts your life?”, I question how it would evoke the audience to fully understand their messaging. Nonetheless, the idea of having the huge cigarette butts does play a part in disrupting the ease of flow of traffic. In a way, it does create a disruption.

Pimp my ride!

It is amazing to see new technology and innovations every day. In order to boost their capability of printing on ANY material, Art Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil came out with the idea of printing on cars. As automobiles are generally built and assembled with different materials, it would be the most ideal case for experimenting. We see a van being taken in and sprayed to give it that awesome finish. Art Center launch an ad encouraging people to write in and the lucky ones will get their cars “Pimp Up” the way they want. Check out this cool video of how they pimp the van. They even ran it viral and online. Thus, the results of this integrated campaign is pretty compelling.

The book that floats

Embraer being one of the world’s third largest aeroplane producers is planning to launch their Lineage 1000. They appointed Agencia Africa, Brazil to develop this rather interesting book. Base on the use of magnetism and it’s repelling properties, the agency came out with the idea of having a book that ‘floats’. A great idea that works really well alongside the properties of a plane. An idea that isn’t way too outlandish but yet giving this catalog a rather different unique way to present itself to their prospective clients. Definitely a commendable effort there.

Make friends the easy way!

Clearly there is no better way to make friends than to do it over a toast! This is truly a brilliant idea from Budweiser. You can now scan the Buddy Glass, which has a chip at the bottom of the glass. By scanning, the chip now contains your Facebook information and every time it touches another glass, the two chips will be connected on Facebook with a friend request for friendship on the social platform! Imagine the amount of friends you would make should you go around toasting everyone! You do not need to exchange business cards or save yourself the hassle to go through the introduction phrase anymore. Now, all you need is to toast! What if you could use this glass to ‘tag’ someone? What if you toast the same glass two times and you get to ‘check-in’ with that person in the event? This idea has potentially opened up doors to more possible channels of networking. Very nice.

Awesome USB Can

Chanced upon this brilliant idea for Gladiator, an energy drink in Brazil. What you could do now is to scan your can and get it to virtually store data. The idea was to tackle the immediate problem of having to search for a flash drive or storage device in times of crisis. On top of that, to promote the drink as a daily necessity for busy office commuters, the winning creative formula is to marry both the USP and the NSP (Necessary Selling Proposition : Yes, I come up with that myself)!

Here’s how it works: Log on to the website, connect to Facebook. There you can launch the app which basically allows you to scan your can through the computer’s camera. Then you get access to upload files on to your computer which is then stored virtually in this USB can. You can then unlock this by scanning the can again on another computer. Interestingly enough, you can’t leave the can so you might as well scan first, drink it while your on the way to the next meeting and then scan it to get your files before dumping that can away.

This is again a very innovative idea that would prove some what useful instead of all flash without the work. Nice work there!