LEGO Simpsons house review

Irrevocably, collaborative work between brands with famous cultural icons generates huge waves of success. As we see now, the aggressive strategy adopted by LEGO over the last couple of years, transformed the toy giant into a global phenomenon. Kids and adults go crazy shopping for these bricks and as the wave of popularity rises once again, LEGO began targeting other channels of marketing, including the upcoming LEGO Movie. Today, we have the Simpsons theme on LEGO. Personally, I am a huge fan of Homer Simpson. This combination is almost irrevocable in the context of brand collaboration. The video above showcases the details of the box set where we see in depth visuals and great explanation of the minifigures as well as bricks for the home of the Simpsons. Impeccable details resembling the cartoon, interesting yet compelling marketing efforts by LEGO is pushing the boundaries of these toy bricks into a new global sensation. Respectable.

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LEGO: Opera Sydney House





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It’s the time of the year and if you haven’t bought anything lovely for your close ones, it is not too late! I know I have talked about how much affection I have for Lego bricks and I suppose I wont be stopping with just a few posts! Hehehe. Lego’s recent offering of the Sydney Opera House shouts out attention like no other. A beauty to behold and one that has got great fun building it. With almost a 3,000 bricks count, this marvelous spledor is huge and beautiful. This is a new release in addition to the already famous Lego Creator line. There are others which includes the Eiffel Tower as well as other interesting sets like the magnificent Taj Mahal. The Sydney Opera House had a previous release but came in a much much smaller scale of 270 brick count. This new set definitely deserves the attention and together with the intricate designs within the structure, it leaves one completely thrilled. Very cool and amazingly detailed. Check out the video to find out more from the designer himself as well as his creative rationale when designing the set.

LEGO Simpsons


As mentioned before, I am a LEGO fan. It certainly is big news for me when I learn that LEGO is actually going to release an official ‘The Simpsons’ brick set next year 2014. There are currently no news or any coverage as to which characters will be included. However, EGO spokesman Roar Rude Trangbaek said that the company hopes the series will “appeal to fans of ‘The Simpsons’ family”. Will it be a hit upon it