iPhone 5S

To most of you iPhone followers, tech geeks and Apple haters out there, you know the iPhone 5S is coming. And some of you might have seen this video. The iPhone 5S after Tim Cook’s presentation at a special media event in their head office of Cupertino, California, witnessed a series of imperative changes that should put the iPhone 5S back on the charts. Apart from it’s cheaper offering of the iPhone 5C, the new model retains it’s iconic aesthetics. They have really gone minimal, I doubt anyone could strip the design down to anywhere near it’s current design basics. However, they do have a gold model. In terms of it’s software and hardware, there are impressive enhancements like the biometric fingerprint sensor for the home button which I think it’s really cool. The iPhone 5S comes with a first 64-bit smartphone processor that significantly runs twice the speed of the iPhone 5. It also comes with a dual-LED flash! It is equipped with the usual high-grade aluminum casing but boasts a pixel resolution of 1136 x 640. Nice.

There are silver, gold and “space gray” color options available. Check out our official iPhone 5S picture gallery.

Is your eyes playing tricks on you?

There were the times when you saw something but you actually did not, and thought your imagination or eyes are playing tricks on you. Now, what if that is true and this liberal act of fooling people’s eyes is all in the name of fun and surprise? Orange mobile, has launch a series of interesting outdoors, bringing that surprise element to the public. All these surprises with the effort to convey the message that Orange delivers bespoke services for your mobile bills when you travel. Check out my favorite among the four, the art gallery one. Below, are the rest of the campaign. Nice effort by advertising agency, Publicis for Orange Mobile.



Designed by Apple in California

“Designed by Apple in California”. Big deal? That was the question I had for myself towards the end of the commercial when this liner slaps across the screen. There wasn’t any new tech nor content in the commercial. Not even the slightest amusement can I derive from this commercial. It is simply dull.

Apple’s commercial, “Designed by Apple in California” seem to have garner more attention than it expected. But not in a really pleasant manner. The commercial received a low score of 489 out of 900 based on the Ace Metric scale. Apple commercials never used to be boring nor sterile in any fashion. I still remember the Apple vs Microsoft commercials featuring the Mac talking to Windows with lots of quips, barbs, sight gags, and one-liners. The recent commercial has been a flop by many and haven’t been getting a lot of healthy publicity.

In fact one of the reasons attributing to the commercial’s bad reviews was the lack of information as well as the tonality depicted. While Apple remains a tech giant in it’s league, it has given viewers great disappointment by delivering a commercial that focus solely on it’s branding. Recently, Apple has been going under a lot of fire by the general public as well as their fans for the lack of unveiling great technology. People are starting to see a drop in the company’s standards in terms of their products and business operations.

As a solution to the lost of market share, it is natural to adopt an approach to regain consumer confidence by taking up the branding option in your marketing communications. This could be a desperate attempt to revive the spirits of their dying fans. I have to say, too much of these is not going to work. I theme these commercials as ‘fillers’. They aren’t exactly the kind of commercials you want to show to your viewers at this point of time. Your fans want ‘gamechangers’, new tech that would awe them. An arsenal of new equipment to let them stay amazed and keep their faith in the brand. Definitely not some rapport building brand commercials during such dire times.

Strides made by Apple towards their goal of regaining confidence has been futile. I hope to see more amazing work from Apple that would rekindle my love for the brand. Do you like the new Samsung commercials? What do you think of them compared to Apple’s new commercials?

Technology on food

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Merging technology with the food you eat, could sound rather intimidating you might say. But I assured you it is not. Interestingly, QR codes and it’s applications have been on the rise. This is also a sign that the technology is getting prevalent and as more and more consumers are starting to be tech savvy, they sought to their mobile for advice, tips and solutions. Taking this as an opportunity, Harney Sushi’s chief, Robert Ruiz decides to name each of the sushi with edible QR-codes. The codes store information about the respective sushi. It would provide information with regards to the origins of the fish as well as the other ingredients. Thus, letting the customers be more informed of what they are eating. He describes the process as printing the the sushi with water-based ink on rice wafers with the same inking that is used for birthday cakes. It is evident that we have once again witness another innovative approach on technology and seeing it change our daily routines. Of course, we ask the question again; “Is this approach relevant?” Let me know what you think of this new way to consume sushi.