Shanghai baby!


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Wow. I have been very selective in the kind of stuffs I wanna post on blog as there were really many cool stuffs today, and this really caught my attention. Shanghai is a cosmopolitain city and the fact that it has so many beautiful architectural structures just makes it even more compelling for me. Im an urban man. When I saw photos of the city taken with such depth and quality, I further reassured myself that Shanghai is one my next few destinations. Check out these photos by Wei Gensheng. Wei works as a crane operator on the the Shanghai Tower and mind you, he is an amateur photographer. These wonderful shoots were taken by him. Can you see how beautiful this city is from the ariel view? These pictures are mind blowing. I particularly love the picture with dense fluffy clouds shading the city below from the nice warm sun ray. Fantastic. Wooooot!

Photos of the day

Once again picture editors from The Guardian curates a collection of their hand picked photographs for the day. Some of which evokes so much feeling and portrays so much more depth in the realism they originate from. I would definitely hope you folks would go to their link here for more of the photographs. Again, credits to the photographers and the picture editors from The Guardian.

Mansura, Egypt: Egyptian men inspect destruction following a powerful car b Britanny , France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a Reindeer herder of the Cairngorm Reindee Bethlehem: Pilgrims pray inside the Grotto where Christians believe the Vir Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab amonMumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim f


Credits of photographers featured above:
• Mumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim fair
• Mansura, Egypt: People inspect destruction following a car bomb explosion
• Britanny, France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix
• Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab among debris left from typhoon Haiyan
• Bethlehem, West Bank: Pilgrims pray inside the grotto where Christians believe the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in the Church of the Nativity
• Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a reindeer herder feeds the Cairngorm reindeer herd in a blizzard

The 10 best photographs

I refer to a post from theguardian uk today which features 10 best photographs of the day, which in my opinion was really good. Photography can be an addictive hobby and in return it favors those who puts in their hard work to achieve amazing results. A great photographer not only chooses the best time of the day for his shots, he could work his way along so many other minute details that he wishes to include in his work. Every piece of photograph could encompass a story, an emotion or even a message behind it. Check these 10 photographs from theguardian.


World 517e9f94-f13e-47c3-ab64-e73efb7e1d71-620x372 31373a15-c891-4b24-af4d-6d54ab90e7c2-620x372 Indonesia Volcano 52662586-f198-4608-93a0-a7a0ed83b06e-620x408 1085c11c-d552-447d-ace9-4c7fa418932a-620x407 **CHINA-HAINAN-SANYA-LEISURE(CN) 652b5757-21be-44fd-95d4-c0e40fb38513-620x415 AFGHANISTAN-KABUL-CHILDREN-POVERTY 28f69067-8e18-4b7e-9875-7cdf8d0134cf-620x447

A new generation of phones

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Ok, this is pretty cool I must say. Samsung just revealed news of the prices and availability for the upcoming Galaxy NX Smart. It is a compact camera that runs on Android 4.2, Jelly Bean! So that means you now can sync, share and basically use apps that is on a phone camera! The price tag for this magnificent gadget is in the range of $1,6000 to 1,700 with a different setup. This is the first interchangeable lens camera (ILC) that is running on Android. Pretty awesome stuff we have here. You can now do all the sharing instantly and access your stuffs using Drop box as well as do what most Android phones could!

Check more of the article here.


Beautiful light captured imagery

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I happen to chance upon an artist’s work on Behance which are extremely beautiful. The images I see reflects a great deal of how light was able to make pictures look so amazing. Some of the shots were dynamic while some managed to capture a different composition of colors. The artist’s comments were:

All these landscapes are photographed in the total dark, i light it up with car light and flashlight. So its a one single exposure shot around 30sec and minimal retouch ( minimal color correction )
These photos are available on 24 x 30 po lamda in serie 25 signer and numeroted. There is also a certificate of authencity. Contact

Security features

Cars to most people are a form of luxury or transport from point A to B. However, a car could be a very essential survival tool for a police officer. Ford Motor recently worked together with Intermotive to develop a new vehicle security feature for the Interceptor police cars. Basically, the rear camera now has motion detection and is able to sense when a person is approaching the vehicle from its rear. The alarm sounds and the car is automatically being locked with it’s windows rolled up when it detects someone coming from the rear. A very safe feature which primarily protects the police officer, giving the officer enough time to check and analyze the surroundings. The camera is also designed to be on all the time which means the officer is able to assess the situation anytime. Due to situations where police officers get into trouble when they are on solo patrols, the new Surveillance Mode would come in handy. As an officer is needed to leave the car, someone might just approach the vehicle. Thus, with this new feature it would definitely help to keep the officers safe. This would be readily available for all the 2014 models.