Volkswagen microbus

Missing the vintage Volkswagen van?

Well, good news. The Volkswagen microbus is now officially back and should be an excellent option to the van. What’s even more astounding would be the fact that VW is launching it as an electric model!

Check out more of the microbus here:






What kind of car is that?

Sometimes we come out with great strategies that overpowers the creative aspect of our work. When such a situation happens, a creative piece of work turns out to be less humorous nor unique but somehow it manages to grasp the marketing objective so tightly that it comes across as a hard selling effort with some “by-the-way” fun in it.   We see the new Hyundai Equus commercial with a great insight – “What kind of car is that?” As the vehicle glides through town, we see curious faces probing that iconic question repeatedly. We even had babies pointing at it. While this remains a very tactical insight to promote the new car, it is somewhat lacking in it’s creative execution. Something funnier or even something less direct might make the ad a bit more compelling. What do you think?