Nothing beats sharing happiness. Free booze is definitely one way to deliver that happiness. Check out this billboard from Carlsberg. As simple as one could imagine, it literally offers the public free booze! Bring your own and have it filled to the max! Certainly not the most exciting idea in certain restrictive countries, but for those that worked, the value of excitement is truly unimaginable. Its gonna get busy on the streets for sure!

A roller coaster ride

Carlsberg have been very active in their advertising for the last couple of months and this time round, they did another really crazy stunt. They wanted to give the fans of the Premier League, a taste of what it feels to have a roller coaster ride to the Premier League. In doing so, they actually used a real roller coaster and they had the fans, commentators, players etc to take the ride. As you can see from the video, it turns out to be rather outlandish. However, it is just as crazy as the brand would love to go. It is filmed near Amsterdam at Walibi Flevo, in the Goliath for 2 full days. Awesome.


Uncompromising Quality

If you were to look back at the creative work that beer companies have done, you would be quite surprised that a lot of them pretty much have the appetite for rather interesting work. As creatives, we tend to jump with glee every time we get to work on such great accounts. Carlsberg has done up a commercial with a very single minded proposition: “Uncompromising Quality”, and I think this is such a marvelous headline. They bring the message across effectively by making sense of their heritage through this commercial. We see founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen and his stringent quality control in his quest to brew the best beer in the world. The commercial gave the audience the impression of a man who is constantly in search of the most perfect solution. Nice commercial.