Mobile garage design

For those who have the luxury of space but do not have a kick ass looking car park or garage, can probably take up this idea. GazeBox’s newly designed car storage unit. It provides solid cover for your vehicle from the harsh weather conditions while at the same time, becoming a nicely designed structure.

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Brilliantly designed to open from the sides to allow shade against the sun as well as forming a solid shelter by closing down the entire unit. In addition, there is a remote which allows the structure to open, simulating a traditional garage unit. Apart from their amazing built, it also helps owners to protect their cars while having mobility. The structure is easy to fix and concrete by nature.

Shelby Cobra

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Are you a fan of Shelby cars? I personally adore the classic looks of their vehicles.¬†Having one is the envy of others. Shelby is set to launch more special editions and this time it is releasing this beast, a 427 Cobra. And to make it even more desirable, they are making it less available by producing only 50 of them. With a design that resonates with the 1965 models, Shelby further sweetens the deal by labelling them in sequence with serial numbers symbolising the vehicles’ history.¬†They come in aluminium chassis or the all time classic Blue with White stripes palette. These vehicles really extrudes class.

You should try mine.

There was a time when agencies would work closely with clients and through bilateral working relationships, developed an implicit chemistry for marketing products and services. When social marketing begin ploughing through the way we advertise brands, it changes the mechanics of how we see ourselves believing in brands again. Despite word of mouth marketing being a widely used method of convincing consumers, not many has taken a deep thought as to why it is possess such viral effectivity. The reason has always been ‘trust’. With trust, people loosen their guard and they tend to allow brands to actually ‘interrupt’ and begin the cognitive selling process. Toyota came out with the ‘Try my Hybrid’ campaign in Norway, leveraging on social media via the mobile environment. Showing real Toyota Hybrid owners, they allowed others to take their Toyota Hybrid for a ride with no strings attached. This generated massive traction and instantly became a hit. I guess nothing beats a real test drive from a sincere ‘salesman’. In this case, a real Toyota Hybrid driver. Realvertising.


Anki Drive!!!


Most of your might not have heard of them, nor even know of their existence. Anki, a San Francisco startup, has been working in the background, helping us bring robots into our everyday life. Now, they have developed a racing game which is powered by our iPhone. Amazing. With Anki Drive, we now control toy vehicles that resembles our metal die cast toy cars from Hot Wheels. But now these lovely toys come packed with unrivaled technology and artificial intelligence. The end product is an awesome game with lots of challenge and excitement. I believe there is so much potential for us in the future to come. Gamers, rejoice! We have a new evolved sport, where technology meets hobby. The current package, valued at $199, comes with a game mat, two racers, charging pods for the batteries as well as an interesting cleaning kit for the tires. The race allows up to four racers at one go. Each additional racer would cost $69 and right now there are altogether four of them for sale. More are expected to be release. This is so exciting!

What is interesting is that the toys could automatically locate their relative position from the race track at 500 times per second! They provide themselves with the logic and strategy to race ahead of the other racers. At such speed, it is comparable to racing cars dashing at 250 mph! Very impressive! While the racers appear to be lightweight, it is very robust in construction. For example, they are filled with motion sensors as well a rather interesting processing device that would detect the players’ instructions through their iPhones as they played the race. Brilliant technology and work. Looking forward to own one!

Cars can sing

Interesting enough, cars can sing! If you are into Porsches, you are definitely going to love this video. Check out all seven generations of Porsches spinning around, parading around and eventually settle into one line only to rev their engines in a melodic manner. We hear the Happy Birthday song for Porsche. Amazing.



Taxi without a driver

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at PM 12.34.21

If you have watched the recent movie, “The Internship”, starring Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson, this wouldn’t seem so much of a new phenomenon to you. In the movie, Vince who casts as Billy Mahon, an enthusiastic sales man who lost his job, had took on an internship at Google. He was seen trying to flag a car driving pass both him and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) as they struts across the Google campus. Only to realize there wasn’t a driver, much to both their dismay. Well, seems like what we see in the movie is true. Google is reportedly designing and developing new technology that basically allows vehicles to drive without a driver. So far, these self-driving cars are developed from existing cars. But it is rumored that Google is actually planning to work on developing new vehicles. Google is planning to design and bulid these cars as “robo-taxis”. These taxis would be deployed to different cities in the world to help companies launch robo-taxi fleets in. The plan is to have a real human driver present in the initial phase to ensure the safety of the vehicle and eventually let it be automated.


While Google do have plans to develop commercial vehicles into these self-driving vehicles, their current cars are modified Toyota which cost up to $150,000 for one. And that is quite a hefty amount to begin with. Google is looking to keep costs low. For now, these technologies remains the products from Google X, the semi-secret and innovative tech lab of Google.

Spot the yellow balloon

As prices for petroleum rises globally, it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain a vehicle. In South Korea for example, there is a huge demand for oil and with the known fact that the country is primarily devoid of oil, it is even more challenging for car owners to cope with the increasing cost. Korean petroleum and refinery, S-Oil, decided to help drivers save on the cost of petroleum by coming out with a stunt together with advertising agency, Cheil to launch an interesting stunt. They raise bright yellow balloons in each parking space. Whenever a car parks in that space, it will case the balloon to drop. However, when the vehicle leaves the lot, the balloon shall rise once again. This give drivers visibility and early detection to an available space in a rather dense parking area. Thus, saving time and petroleum as drivers could now easily spot an available lot from afar. Clever yet budget effective solution.