Don’t hit them

252604_2_800 domestic-violence-ad

I realise i do have a liking for billboard advertising, especially those that bring out the intended messaging through very creative means. Take domestic violence for example, I have seen tons of them done in a very statistical manner, direct and not interesting at all. You don’t grab a person’s attention, you don’t get to communicate anything at all. UNICEF’s recent billboard shows transitions between the day and the night. Just like violence at home, it usually happens during the night. Interestingly, this level of relevance is imperative in getting the right attention at the right time. It is reported that there are close to three million cases in the United States where children are abused badly. These ads brings awareness to people about violence at home, in the night where it goes pitch dark, it brilliantly casts a shadow of a horrifying figure attempting to strike the little kid. Interesting execution.


Child Abuse Ad Shell

Children love secrets. Especially secrets that adults do not know. I must say this is a very well executed work that shows great functionality and creativity. Making use of actual children’s height to display the visuals of a badly bruised child where only the child could see while adults see another image on a different angle. Clever and amazingly well messaged. I love how they make use of simple technology to drive great messaging to the younger audience. Nice one.

Take your hands off my kids


Copy: “Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.”


This is a great ad by creative agency Herezie, Paris, France. The visual impact instantly gives the idea of something fishy going on. Upon reading you would understand how much your kid might be putting through with someone neither you nor your kid would know, of the evil intentions hiding behind deep within those conversations. So keep an eye on that phone and don’t let these unlawful predators try anything funny.