LEGO Kit Kat

Unfortunately, this post has been rendered invalid and kit kat claims no direct mutual partnership has been made official. Case rested.

These days the idea of cross selling becomes so integral, so easy and so natural. My favorite toy, Lego now has a Kit Kat edition. Building it around the idea of having a break from using Lego, it successfully integrates the fun element within the candy. And it allows people to build more than one single design.

Tender? You bet!

For those who snacks a lot, there is a high chance you are also a chocolate lover. They say, the last bite is usually the best out of the entire chunk. Well, Milka, the chocolate brand of Mondelez, gave French people a choice to take back what belongs to them in a very interesting way. Milka is giving the French people the option to go online and request that they get their last bite of chocolate back. What they did was to package each and every pack of chocolate with one square of it missing. Upon opening the wrapper, you get a code which you can go online and request your missing chocolate by activating it. With a call to action : “Date to be tender”, they are challenging the French people to claim back their chocolate squares. Eventually, the missing square will be mailed back to them! An interesting campaign with great engagement. Both offline and online. Nice.


Chocolates as gifts has never fail to bring out a smile. What if we now could engrave our messages on the chocolate itself? Great thinking there by OgilvyAction KL Malaysia. You can now buy Cadbury chocolates off the shelf and have your messages beautifully pressed on without unwrapping the packaging. Neat execution. They even have pop up stores offering that service. A nice way to sell chocolates and adding value to people’s lives. It is always good to think in the angle how you would like your product to bring value to your customers. By considering the shopping patterns and nature of the product, we know chocolates are more often or not given as gifts. Therefore, it would be sweet for the receiver to unwrap and be greeted with a nice surprise. Best of all, this again creates an additional opportunity for people to instagram it, pinterest it or facebook the surprise.