Christmas biscuits

I see this technique used very often.¬†Immersing the audience in an unforgettable experience and pulling them out to reality. Most often seen in Wieden + Kennedy’s commercials, McVitie’s ‘Christmas Choir’ by Grey showcases the family enjoying these delightful biscuits akin to them surrounded by lovely pets. Sweet TV¬†commercial.

Spongebob Mailpants

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One day my kids will grew up writing to santa every christmas. To encourage kids to start this habit, Nickelodeon collaborated with United States Postal Service to create USPS mailboxes using their favorite cartoon icon(as well as me and my gf’s), Spongebob Squarepants! Oops, in this case, they named it Spongebob Mailpants! They revamped the usual mundane looking mail boxes with nice yellow decals and brighten up the boxes with Spongebob’s trademark smiling face! He even had his pants fitted on. It is interesting seeing how far adults would go to encourage little kids to write letters or send greeting cards. While technology remains vital to innovation and progress in modern society, little kids growing up in our evolving environment should not forget the joy of writing like how we used to before technology was invented. The campaign has since started in all 13 US cities.


I know I have been blogging a lot on christmas and how this season gave us so much surprises. Not just the kind of work we see out there, but also stuffs over in the agency that we do to amuse ourselves. Apparently, an idea quite similar to this came by the office a few years ago while I was in Saatchi. We had the opportunity to ‘humiliate’ the client by sending them an eat-your-own-medicine gift. So one of my creatives came out with the idea of having an unbreakable box. One that would irritate the hell out of the receiver. The gist of this entire saga was to basically keep that anticipation so strong you would go miles to crack that box. Only to realize it is just a cheap by the way gift. Of course, I wish that had happened. Now, this case we have here is just way so identical I had to talk about it. Love it. Simply one gift wrapper you just cannot tear it apart! Nice stunt there by Spanish advertising agency, Eureka Global. They are working on the premise that one would grew anticipation the longer it takes to open their christmas gift.



Santa goes undercover

I never stopped believing in Santa. I think he is magical and that his existence is purely one to be felt during the festive season. As a child, we were told of this big white bearded man carrying a big bag of gifts and would slide down the chimney sneaking into our house only to surprise us with lots of gifts the next day. He keeps us remembering the magic of christmas and these vivid memories of childhood remains beautiful today. However, not every child enjoys that same growing up journey. There are many young children in Peru that were forced into working on the streets since early childhood. To some of them, Santa might never have existed. The magic of this holiday season never seemed to appear. Worse of all, they might even stop believing in him. Advertising agency, Conectart Group, Lima decided to create this magical Christmas with their “Santa Undercover” campaign. Santa goes undercover and approaches these kids asking them to polish his boots only to reveal a secret message. The kids then gets a surprise gift from a nearby gift kiosk. Santa would give them a nickel and they can retrieve this magical gift by pulling down the lever. A well thought campaign that is both simple and meaningful.


“Merry Christmas.”, says Apple. Now, don’t expect that to be communicated across so easily if its gonna be good work. Because, to do good work, you need a little twist to that one simple message. Apple’s new christmas commercial seem to have moved the hearts of most people. Their inaugural campaigns has seen the tech giant making a comeback as compared to it’s sluggish performance earlier on. The theme of their latest commercial, “Misunderstood”, tells the story of a lonely boy who goes through christmas in a big family. Like most of us, christmas is a big thing and being dejected certainly isn’t fun at all. We see the boy pretty much focused on his mobile phone 24/7 with little participation or none at all while the family is in the midst of preparing and celebrating the winter. Just before you could judge the outcome, the boy switches on the tv and a video was played. Turns out he was filming the entire family event all along! The scenes were very heart warming. Check out both videos. Apple’s previous commercial on the ipad Air revealed it’s intentions at the end of the commercial and as always, this does seem to be one of it’s trademark in their recent commercials. This commercial is no doubt one of the most heartfelt commercials this winter.