Virtual Fire?!

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Everything has gone digital these days. Even the most fundamental processes at home can be digitally represented. A more realistic approach would be to actually give you a visual of what future can be, using Google’s Chromecast feature. It now offers you virtual reality while you stream your music to the TV and at the same time enhancing your experience with a realistic fireplace scene. Hows that? This might not sound too attractive or too big a thing, but the idea will spark more repercussions of what Chromecast can do to further ‘revolutionize’ experiences. Try out their virtual fire, and have a thought about it.

Google Chromecast

There is so much talk about the new Google Chromecast. Check out this new ad from Google for the Chromecast. The ad has already gotten more than a million views on youtube. It basically showcases the usability and functions of the Chromecast device. The main feature of this HDMI device is its ability to allow you to broadcast content from any of your devices. Be it Mobile, Tablet, Laptops or even your Desktops, straight into your TV. Simply amazing! The way I see it, this device’s pretty much packed a bomb of fun and entertainment for the family. Definitely a blast of an experience!