Coca Cola Wi-Fi


Fancy having a can of Coke while you surf your phone browser or check an email? Coca Cola’s vending machines now equipped with Wi-Fi Internet access is one way to enhance their services.Even if it isnt for the drink, the idea of going there just for the Internet is going to get you to coin a can one way or the other. Together with BT Global Services, the free Wi-Fi helps to enhance experience in impoverished communities. Targeted to launch in Eastern Cape and rural Mpumalanga, the launch locations ensure easy accessibility to the local communities.

A really good idea to provide both win-win situations for both drinking and enjoying Wi-Fi  services. Definitely a good way to enhance the experience and strengthen Coca Cola’s brand equity amongst the less developed areas. In fact, there were plans to actually install “Wi-Fi coolers” over the rest of South Africa. Do you think this is a good initiative by Coca Cola?

Sources: digitaltrends, techcentral.

Drone it over

Having lived in Singapore for the entire part of life, I have seen so much disparity between races here in this small tiny little island. The republic has went through phrases of racial campaigns and trying its best to bring harmony between the different races. While I have mixed feelings on how successful the efforts were, im quite certain this idea from Coke is pretty interesting. I have shared this exact same idea with several clients before but always get shunned off for being too outrageous. Im starting to believe that it does take a lot more courage for people to accept something beyond the norm. Rather, I think incremental steps would be a better way to bring on radical ideas. Still, this is a good idea to deliver the messages directly to the audience. Drone technology, ahh… finally someone gets it.

Coca Cola Arcade

It is hard to say anything bad about this brilliant idea. Coca Cola’s ‘Recycling’ Happiness Arcade machine is almost the sure way to guarantee results. To play a game on this arcade machine, one must insert the a coke bottle as the token. Having the machine at 6 different locations, it is able to reach out to people in Dakar. A nice and interesting idea by Grey Dakar.

Social Media Guard

Don’t you just love it when you get interrupted from your socially interruptive behavior? All is summarized in this video alone. Check out Ogilvy’s social media guard for Coca-Cola. Amazingly outlandish and unconventional solution to get us back to our humane senses. I wonder if this really is a solution or a funny ad purely for the sake of an award?

The Coca Cola Straw



I have to admit that Coke campaigns done thus far has always garnered massive traction in terms of brand visibility. Even during valentine’s day, the chance to create something really innovative is not spared. This really interesting initiative aims to let you consume Coke with someone else. With such a simple yet powerful message, it becomes evident that enjoyment comes in pairs. As you vend a coke can, it comes with this beautiful straw alongside the packaging with the tagline “This Valentine’s Day share a coke”. Beautiful.

Happy CNY from Coca-Cola

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.10.00 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.10.06 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.10.15 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.10.21 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.10.29 AM

If you recall, I have stressed the importance of packaging and how crucial it is to actually have your product projecting its voice well over your competitors. And, that cannot be achieved through creative mediocrity nor bad judgement on marketing foresight. In this festive occasion, the chinese believed a lot in prosperity, the idea of gifting and staying auspicious becomes integral in the chinese custom. Understanding geographical cultures is also an imperative process in branding. Coca-Cola, has created gorgeous looking packing this new year with interesting can design and carton packaging. In Vietnam, Tết (Lunar New Year), is where Coke is widely consumed. Simply because of the overtly well received ‘red’ symbolizes prosperity, Coke is one of the most preferred drink. This packaging design by Vietnamese design agency Rice Creative, made use of heritage Coca-Cola as the basis of their design. Leveraging on red as the foundation of design, the agency created swallows that were hand illustrated. The result was an amazingly crafted graphic work: ‘The Swallow Bird’, which is what you see in the design, a symbolic meaning of the Tết icon, while An meaning peace, Tài meaning success and Lộc meaning prosperity. Very nice.


Coca Cola has launched more innovation and ground breaking work with their ‘EKOCENTER’ concept together with DEKA R&D. It is effectively a kiosk that would come equipped with Slingshot water distiller. The objective this time is to help improve and at the same time provide clean drinking water in different parts of the globe. On top of that, the kiosk is also a storage for food, refrigerated medication and vaccines as well as health care information.

This initiative is targeted at improving the quality of life in developing communities around the world. Their main focus is on the lower and less fortunate ones who happen to be those at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ currently. They are looking at the poorest group that represents at least 4 billion people that live off less that US$2 a day. The kiosk which is a shipping container is created with not just providing food and water, it is also equipped with Wi-Fi connection and satellite communication. The interesting part of it is that it does come with a sun-shelter. We are starting to see Coca Cola doing its part for the community and leading by example. This effort really shows how humans can tap on technology to improve lives. We will soon see more of the EKOCENTERs distributed in 20 countries by 2015.

Advertising on Instagram

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at AM 07.27.59


More and more social media companies are looking to monetize their investments by introducing advertising on their platforms. Then there are companies like Facebook who started having advertisements on the side of the page, which did not directly hindered our user experience. And there is YouTube, a video sharing platform which slots in irritating, disruptive 5 seconds to 60 seconds advertisements before videos. It is no surprise that Instagram, the picture and short video sharing platform has decided to adopt the same process. With 150 million active users, Instagram is prepared to introduce advertising. The company’s director of business operations, Emily White said that advertising should begin selling ads by next year. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has significantly increase the amount of users on Instagram by 100 million and Instagram itself, has also reported an increase of 20 million active users.

Instagram is definitely actively pursuing new advertisers and has beefed up the staff rooster to include new employees that would help manage client relationships with new brands. Some of the clients that were being approached includes giants like Ford, Williams-Sonoma and Coca-Cola. “We want to make money in the long term, but we don’t have any short-term pressure,” White told the Journal.

Currently, there is no news or leaks about how the ads would look like. However, WSJ reports that it could appear on the app’s Discover page or search page. Advertisers are also keen to link pictures of their products to their websites. My own opinion of such a move is that it is a logical move to bring on more revenue to sustain a product. However, the placements of advertising more often of less, disrupts user experience and causes unpleasant aesthetics if it is not executed correctly. I really do hope that Instagam will do a good job on this.

Robot fun

Feeling left out not being able to attend summer camp? Would you resort to having a robot to represent you being there at the party itself? I’m sure most people might not do so. The Social Robot was created to allow teenagers to be a part of the summer camp in the event that they could not take part in the activity. They now control robots navigating it around the school, using it to communicate with their friends, watching shows or even join competitions. I loved the idea of being part of the experience and bringing it home. However, the idea of this robot being you and you being not there instead of a robot, is just not so cool in my opinion. I highly doubt the success of this innovative effort. Then, I must admit it is a very good effort to bring joy for everyone regardless of any situation. The robots were made to be stars of the shows and publicity was thrown on the media for them. As I have mentioned earlier on, I have my reservations on Coca-Cola’s marketing efforts this time round.

Some things never change

Some things never change. One example is great amazing brands like Coca-Cola. It continues to inspire us and stay as part of our lives, offering that goodness it did back in the 40s. And it still taste just as GOOD. A new commercial by Coca-Cola features life back then and how life is right now. While we see that apart from changes in the clothes we wore, the cars we drive, we also see that there isn’t much change to our lives. At the end, we are still taking that little walk with grandpa down the park while enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. Some thing has never change and will never change.

“Live like grandpa did. Move more, eat well, take it easy”