Beverage leverage

Coffee is almost mandatory in our daily routine. And I think to actually tap on the beverage’s popularity to drive through a meaningful communication message is extremely rewarding. Nescafe’s campaign to create “Instant Connections” through their Nescafe generating machines, helps to convey the importance of sharing joy and making friends. I guess our hectic life creates lesser opportunities for people to actually communicate or know one another. But this approach truly brings people together with just a touch of the button. OgilvyOne Frankfurt gave birth to an idea which targets the busy traffic light junction where hundreds of people would pass by. Their machines piqued the interest of the commuters and had them being curious and slowly finding out the mechanics of this pairing devices. As long as both side of the machines are both pressed together, a cup of Nescafe coffee appears. Everyone likes a warm cup of coffee before heading to work and this is done with the effort from somebody else. Wouldn’t this encounter just make your day better?

Insomy Coffee

The level of consumer experience varies from people to people, and there really isn’t a hard and fast rule to how you can create that nirvana for them. But on the general rule, you should at least ensure that you fulfill what you proclaimed at the minimum, and then ensuring that the service or product is able to deliver a little bit more than what it claims. Now, this over delivery has since then been one of the known factors to create “over-happiness”. The fact that you actually CARE for your consumers means you do care about your business. Because your business is really very much dependent on your consumers. Canalplay, a video on demand service from Canal+ demonstrates their understanding of this rule by launching a little extra for their subscribers. While they have a program that allows viewers to pay once a month to have unlimited access to their entire movie archives, they realize that most people would not be able to watch them without a good boost. Hence, they created Insomy Coffee. By collaborating with a coffee joint, they were able to enhance their offerings. An offering that packs together something worthwhile, adding consumer experience value atop of the current business offering.

Coffee branding

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It sure feels good to do great creative work. Which is why branding works has been one area which I have been very keen to explore for my career in the creative line. I believe that the source of a creative product comes right from it’s initial spark. With the premise that a brand possessing strong identity is ultimately the results of a great brand strategy, brand building is an essential part of your initial product life cycle. J Hornig has lately done some really nice work. A long established brand that is still willing to go the extra mile to give their brand a little refreshing. Such effective branding work. Check out what they have done from the pictures.

Feeling tired? Try yawning


Have you ever had that craving for coffee so strong that your yawns cannot be accounted for? Douwe Egberts, a South African coffee company agrees that most of the people who yawns need a wake up beverage and it had to be their coffee. So they install a rather interesting coffee machine at the O.R Tambo International Airport. The demand for coffee here is extremely high and through the use of this machine, many had a chance to try the coffee. All they have to do is, YAWN at it. Yes. Just open your mouth and yawn and the machine would immediate dispense coffee for you. It is that easy and it is FREE. How neat is that? The machine is equipped with face recognition and it will know when you are actually yawning. All in all, this “Bye Bye Red Eye” machine has rewarded 210 yawns with their coffee. And what it receives in return is yawns and lots of smiles.

Incredible Latte art

There are several distinct ways that a smaller brand could compete and differentiate itself from the mammoths of it’s category. One of the interesting strategies to adopt would be providing ownership to your consumers. Based in taiwan, small coffee joint, Lets Caffe decided to give their customers the element of surprise by allowing them to customize their lattes with their own desired photos! All you need to do is to upload your pictures onto the Latte Printer and have it done up on your latte as latte art! Smart idea which would in turn generate another opportunity for picture as customers would like to share their newly received latte art again on their social media platforms. Impressive way of marketing their product, making it distinctively unique from their potential competitor brands.