Drone it over

Having lived in Singapore for the entire part of life, I have┬áseen so much disparity between races here in this small tiny little island. The republic has went through phrases of racial campaigns and trying its best to bring harmony between the different races. While I have mixed feelings on how successful the efforts were, im quite certain this idea from Coke is pretty interesting. I have shared this exact same idea with several clients before but always get shunned off for being too outrageous. Im starting to believe that it does take a lot more courage for people to accept something beyond the norm. Rather, I think incremental steps would be a better way to bring on radical ideas. Still, this is a good idea to deliver the messages directly to the audience. Drone technology, ahh… finally someone gets it.

The Coca Cola Straw



I have to admit that Coke campaigns done thus far has always garnered massive traction in terms of brand visibility. Even during valentine’s day, the chance to create something really innovative is not spared. This really interesting initiative aims to let you consume Coke with someone else. With such a simple yet powerful message, it becomes evident that enjoyment comes in pairs. As you vend a coke can, it comes with this beautiful straw alongside the packaging with the tagline “This Valentine’s Day share a coke”. Beautiful.

PPssssttttt no more!

Recently, Ogilvy Singapore has been seen doing lots of good work by collaborating with their network agencies. This time round, another amazing creative work done by Ogilvy Singapore and Japan. Excellent way to depict the true value of Coke’s brand message. The creative formula that they adopted this time round is by changing the sound of opening a Coke bottle. As we all know that a ‘psssstttt’ sound is heard every now and then when we twist the cap of a Coke bottle open, now you hear sounds of everyday life like the sound of boxing, people shouting, people running, people skating, people laughing or even people traveling instead. It is very human oriented. Together with DJ Jun Fujiwara, this project was made possible, bringing the message of happiness wherever it goes. Nice.