Light the music

I would Iove a bit of this in my house. A solid speaker in the house is almost mandatory these days. Not only does the speaker adds a bit of flavor to the overall house design, it provides entertainment. Have a look at the ‘Yantouch’. A beautifully designed, bluetooth speaker with multiple functions. Apart form its amazing aesthetics, it can act as an alarm clock and a diverse range of colors. With up to 16 million Colors to adjust to, one can easily find the right ambiance to match your mood. What’s more, you can even simulate a sun rise to wake you up early in the morning. Amazing design. Check it out here.
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Wolf Grey

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The Nike Air Max never fail as a staple in my wardrobe. Light and comfy, this pair of kicks is the way to go on casual fridays and saturday morning grocery shopping. Nike has released a new model for the Air Max, dubbed the “Wolf Grey”. It looks just as good as all the other iterations of Air Max. I actually love the geometric designs on the shoe. Personally, the idea of looking ‘cold’ is pretty cool. The blends on the shades of grey and blue is fantastic. Looking at it closely, you will realize the grey translucent ‘tape’ that straps nicely round the forefoot across the heel. Beautiful! I would want to grab a pair of these. Prices should start at $179 USD.

iPhone 5c commercial

iPhone 5c for the colorful ones. What a way to position the iPhone. It doesn’t sound sexy nor has there been a revolution. Although the colorful phones does seem like a rather cool concept, there hasn’t been any real distinct differences ever since it’s predecessors, in terms of its aesthetics. Apple recently released it’s first commercial for the iPhone 5c and we see how the commercial simply portray the pouring of colorful paint and how it would twist and turn in twirls with the music. Come to think about it, it is kinda usual for Apple to not showcase their phone features in their commercial. Apple is moving and banging their efforts on the iPhone 5c and it is the only phone that is up for pre-order right now. Looking at the commercial, I am starting to rethink if I would take purchasing of the iPhone 5c as even an option. It is still nonetheless, a magnificent phone.

Colors from your ice cold drink


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The things that people do to their phone can be incredibly bizarre. I have seen iphones dipping the toilet bowls, used as a remote control for drones, some even used it as a frisbee for their dogs. We now have an iphone as a coaster. Placing your ice cold glass with condensing water droplets on top of your iphone. How cool is that? Oh yeah, it is going to be cool. Bradley Simpson created Blinkdrink, a simple yet very thought provoking way of interacting with screen-based technologies. A new experience of how 2 dimensional screen experience could be extended to the 3 dimensional space. While you place your drink on top of your iPhone, the built-in microphone listens to the ambient audio through the surrounding conversation or music, and would visualize it through the refraction of glass and liquid inside it. Very cool interaction between the two mediums. On the app itself, you can choose the color as well. Check this out.

Berg Mailling corporate literature

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Gotta say I love these collaterals done up for Berg Mailing. They are really simple and clean. If you are a fan of typography, then this is definitely going to appeal to you. Every single piece of flyer is designed to stand on its own with its very unique material and finishing. Check out the gold foil stamping as well as the other techniques which is adopted. Not something I have seen lately. Feels original and one which would appeal to the eyes of the masses.