Scribd to comics!

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Subscribing to online comics and other e-zines means having multiple accounts, multiple logins and a lot of passwords to remember. What if you can have all under one roof. What if that roof gives u access to the less conventional materials. Would you imagine having comics on Scribd? It should not come as a surprise since subscriptions need to sustain a company’s growth and by providing the right content, the relevant audience follows through. Offering a combination of ebooks and audio books are pretty standard. But to enhance that offering with comics and magna can be pretty exciting.  With easily 10,000 comics under their belt, viewers would have almost no issue getting bored. Clearly, a product needs to provide relevant content to garner the right target audience.


I couldn’t believe my eyes upon seeing this. I told myself this cant be true. A Wolverine-themed vehicle made by a Korean brand? Regardless, check out this collaborated piece with Fox in their effort to promote their Blu-Ray version of X-Men: Days of Future Past. As much as most fans are concerned, is this even legit? I mean there could be other versions of superhero vehicles to be inspired. They even named it the Kia Sorento Wolverine. But seriously, check out those claws. Seem like washing the vehicle can be an extra claw eh? Now, can you imagine a Magneto or Cyclops inspired Kia?


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Creative LEGO direction

Ha! Gotta love the styling and idea by Buenos Aires-based art director Alexandre Tissier. Apparently he has developed a series of interesting ads with the idea he conceived as fiction meets fiction. I love how he conceived the idea, merging heroes with other fun storylines. Interestingly, these combinations gave the message of creativity and building. Both of which, are symbolic to LEGO’s reputation for toy imaginations.

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The new Batmobile

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Wow. Anyone anticipating the new movie, Dawn of Justice, would indefinitely be stoked by these images. The new Batmobile is indeed way ahead of its time. Personally, Im an avid fan of the Dark Knight and these in my opinion does gives the Batmobile a fresher perspective. Not only is the design loud, bold and very forward in terms of appeal, it looked like it eschewed the older bulky facades from its predecessors. Awesome.