Everyone is born an athlete

Always a big fan of all the works created by powerhouse ad agency, Wieden & Kennedy, Portland. In particular, those kick ass Nike commercials they had ran over the last couple of years. They hold a dominant spot in my memory and I believe the same goes to all those who appreciates the level of creativity they implanted in all their videos. Now, they made a new high. Check out this commercial for the Olympics. The ad, ‘Unlimited You’, brings on a heightened brand message that illustrates how great athletes are born from birth, as they transformed from unprepared amateurs to world-class athletes. Very cool and extremely high budget production. Nice.

To die in style

Like they say, if you are going to die, you rather do it in a glorious fashion. This video speaks it all. Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand has created amazing work for the Toyota Hilux. They not only dramatises the idea, the content is both extremely hilarious and engaging. An alternative approach towards selling a commercial vehicle with lesser traction compared to Toyota’s flagship models. Nice.


Loud and clear

This advertisement for baby carrots just shook me off the chair. They actually made healthy food so annoyingly attractive through unhealthy food advertising. LOL. Clearly, simple healthy food lacks good marketing effort. I for once believe that the whole ‘re-skinning’ process is not just merely putting on hippy looking visuals but rather using stronger messaging. Perhaps this advertisement has taken a more outlandish approach, but one that mimics how a typical junk food commercial might actually behave. I wonder if successful advertising means mirroring the traits of another category. Regardless, this ad has gotten my attention nonetheless.

The power of people.

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“You are more powerful than you think.”

For any brand, those were the exact words they would say to any of their customers perplexed by the huge array of brands out there in the digital jungle. The fact that people must understand that they possess the power to determine their own brand experience is one less practiced these days. With so many options and misleading advantages, one would might easily fell for the snake oil advice. However, strong branding resonating with consumers can easily deterred itself away from less mainstream ploys. Apple in this case, has done a fantastic job. This new ad for the iPhone 5S features people. Yes, people. Again, the brand is so human centric that whatever it features, almost relates itself back to how it adds value to people, enriching their lives. Such is the get-go of the brand, earning it’s well deserved popularity and followers. Another magnificent commercial from Apple. Check it out.


There’s simply isn’t a lot of fashion designers out there like John Varvatos who embraces the idea of making imperfections, perfect. A lot of designers claimed inspirations from rock bands and epitomizes their labels with the likes of such bands. In my opinion, they were merely endorsing these musicians. John actually made this campaign a part of his career and life. To him, KISS was the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. They were his super heroes.

Here are two extracts from adage.com:

“The idea was to do something that was against the grain, groundbreaking, and disruptive. KISS are all of the above and that’s what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be,” said Mr. Varvatos via email from Milan, Italy

The feeling is mutual. “John Varvatos is the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll fashion and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of his legacy,” said Paul Stanley of KISS in a statement.

John surprised the audience at the Milan Fashion Week with a stunting performance by KISS at the end of the fashion show. His collections has always been a favorite of mine and personally, I think he has done a good job delivering a range of beautiful suits and tailored ready to wear collections which any man can pull off with a touch of class. This time round, he describes his works as “a return to elegance” accompanied by dressy aesthetics with intricate detailing like textures and fitting silhouettes. Check out this campaign and the art direction surround it. It is fantastic. With Danny Clinch shooting the campaign on a monochromic art direction, featuring images from Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood and the Manhattan Bridge, the visuals were truly well delivered. Nice work there by John Varvatos, for featuring such great campaign work inspired by KISS’ 1975 album ‘Dressed to Kill’.

Email your time away

I like this. I liked how blatant this guy is when he’s got enough time on his hands to do whatever the fxxk he wants. Yes, the message communicated is exactly what most of us are going through. The agony is, most of our phones have gone all futuristic on us but our inboxes remained like it was designed for the 90s and still going proud. Productivity hasn’t gone up too much nor has content and data management gone any way more advanced. This commercial shows a man with that much time after he cuts off excess time managing his shitty email software. We see him getting served by some hot chick, playing fencing, even all the way to soldering a cake! Nice exaggerated way of communicating time being wasted. Start using Inbox Cube! It’s about time.

Mom song

It cannot get any better than this. Old spice’s recent commercial puts traditional product driven commercials to shame. Simply genius. I like how they make moms go mad over how much their sons mature into sexy men upon their usage of the spray. We see boys turning to men, dating their girlfriends while their moms sit and cry in the background. What entails are scenes of mordant humor with sad pitiful moms in the background blending into funny and awkward positions. Extremely entertaining.

Connecting people

I have witness a few interesting examples of how people tap their creative inspiration from the movie ‘UP’ and some of them really do it quite well! Check out this cute commercial for Pelephone, an Israeli telecom operator. I love how they connect people in a warming and adorable way. Nice.

Sony TV raises the bar again

Simply brilliant. Sony raises the bar once again since their Bravia TV advertising where they used colorful balls that bounce their way down the streets of a city. That made an impact on how advertising TV sets can be made vividly exciting. This time round, they did it again by offering more than what they have done. Raising their standards, they took 8 million colored petals to a volcano in Costa Rica. The petals represents the 8 million pixels in their new Sony 4K televisions. All these are not enhanced nor created by a computer. They are solely done in natural execution. Completely the real deal. Mad. Awesome. Amazing.

Fire at the old well

One of the proven methods of advertising is to position a product desirability above everything else. Such a practice most often or not, leads to dramatic outcomes taken by the cast in the commercial to create an amusing and hilarious scenario. DB Export Gold recently launch a commercial by Colenso BBDO, with a man who consistently vanishes in a jiffy with the same excuse: “Theres fire at the old well!” We see a dog rushing up to him at every scenario and the calling was so great he had to remove himself from whichever situation he is in. At first, it might seem like he is really going off urgently, but the truth is revealed at the end of the commercial. He is seen dashing for that golden bottle of beer. I kinda love the suspense building part. Interesting way to position the desire element.