Wall hugging?

Im sure this isn’t something new to all of us. Especially iPhone users out there, you KNOW it. The fact that we need to constantly plug in for battery power is beyond frustration. Somehow this video seemed to depict Samsung mitigating this issue. The new Samsung S5 with lesser power issues? Really? While I highly doubt so, I do think the commercial resonates with a lot of people out there. Most of us suffering from the mediocre battery performance from smartphones are compelled to make a switch to another brand often promising us longer, more robust battery performance. Well, i do think this is a rather amusing commercial of how Samsung would sell through benefit but at the expense of Apple.

Winter Wonderland

3023166-inline-i-4-nike-star-athletes-sing-about-winning-in-a-winter-wonderland 3023166-inline-i-1-nike-star-athletes-sing-about-winning-in-a-winter-wonderland

Let me guess – It is Nike and it is a piece of awesome work. The answer is none other than kick ass creative work from Wieden + Kennedy Portland. I’m always right on this one. Nike has been making truly wonderful works partnering their creative agency W+K. There is this one thing about christmas that gets us going – the festive joy that binds our elated spirits together. This whole emotional aspect of the season induces bonding and that leads to opportunities to create that message for most brands. They can leverage on this to compete and place them ahead of their competitors. So, let this case study be a good one to you if you are one of the guilty ones who haven’t been planning for your christmas marketing efforts. In this new installment of Nike’s strings of awesome commercials, W+K places emphasis on selecting Nike’s elite athletes and have them in action in winter, while they hum and sing along their own interpretation of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” This video, directed by Rupert Sanders places it’s focus on the athletes’ determination to achieve success regardless of any harsh situations. Enough talk, check out the video peeps.

GE powered Star Enterprise

Not only am I a star wars fan, I am also a Star Trek fan! Interestingly, GE, General Electric toyed with the idea of using the Star Trek movie as a layer to spin off their branding. They used a really classic scene from the epic Star Trek movie where the ship is getting under powered and really in need of an energy boost. We then see one of the crew members optimizing the engine through the use of a GE product. Very cool. Have a look and see how you feel.

Singing chickens

I actually pretty much love most of the work that was produced from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA. They have consistently been doing really great work. Check these commercials out. They created a series of these commercials for Foster Farms. With the message, “Amazing Chickens”, they literally gave the chickens a hero role of being the main vocals in all their commercials. They have got songs from Human League, ToTo and even Night Ranger. Pretty goofy and impactful at the same time.

Massive garbage fields

WWF and Vancouver Aquarium has done a magnificent job producing a series of commercials illustrating the immediate dangers of our environment. What could happen if we do not stop dumping waste and creating hazards to our environment is a possible catastrophe of a massive litter field. I love how they depict the consequences by showing you heaps and heaps of garbage and a whale would just appear and subtly strike you with a conscious thought. Very simple yet powerful messaging.

You like to bet?

Check out these 2 commercials. They ride on the idea of “You like to bet?” and let their creativity run wild by simply creating ideas that inject not only humor but also brings on a very direct relation to humans’ urge to sometimes test the system as they bet. So if your into betting, why not just do it the legal way.

Wieden+Kennedy has once again created a series of really amazing commercials for deodorant brand, Old Spice. I wont be surprised to see humor and great amusement when I see their work. This time round, they had new faces from America’s NFL League as casts for their ads. With the idea and message of ‘Unnecessary Freshness’, they manage to pull off a series of rather odd and funny situations with the stars somewhat fantasizing themselves in. Really funny and zany.