Living on the edge

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I know I havent been catching up a lot on design stuffs. Not that I will, but this article I chance upon on DesignTaxi just had to come on to the blog. First thing that came to my mind, “Man, I want that!” A house so dangerously mounted on to the edge of the cliff! Check this house from the Southwest coast of Victoria, Australia. That view! At this point, the design had significantly outweighed practicality. The Cliff House, is designed by Modscape Concept in an attempt to answer to the amazing needs for an unique yet adventurous clientele. Definitely a very intense moment for those with a phobia for heights but a very outlandish way of living for those who truly appreciate heights! As you can see, the highest floor is basically designed for the vehicle while the different levels portray a different segment of the house. Interestingly, the house diverges down narrowing as it moves lower. One must be pondering how this structure can actually be securely mounted to the edge of the cliff. To answer that, the designers have used engineered steel pins to ensure security has not been compromised. Awesome!

Carry mobile food

Hamee-baconegg-iphonecase-620x383 Hamee-Negi-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-negi-iphonecase-inaction-620x383 Hamee-Sanma-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-unagi-iphonecase-620x383


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw these. As we all know, the Japanese people are very highly creative and also extremely innovative. Sometimes they also do have weird tastes when it comes to design. Here are some of the mobile phone casings that I have never seen. They are basically Japanese cuisine smack right on to your phone and made to be carried around. Simple. Straight to the point. Very direct yet very intriguing. What do you think? Cool isn’t it?

Give shape to the Mercedes Benz

This commercial is too cool to be missed. Creative work by BBDO France for Mercedes-Benz, revealed the Mercedes being chiseled to shape by a mixture of different people. We see skateboarders, singers, dancers, horse jockeys and even a boxer. I love the idea of ‘shaped by sensation’, and how they translate this rather difficult message into a beautiful and creative execution. Check this cool video out.