Talking to me?

Always a big fan of outdoor activations, I enjoyed seeing how powerful ideas turn to life together with the amount of joy and laughter it elicits from people. What we have here is an interesting mirror that actually talks to people who passes by. Originated from Brazil, bread brand Nutrella created the ‘friendly mirror’ which aims to make your day by singing praises and talking. Creepy, some might say, but the tonality has simply made it a rather amusing experience.

HTC One snapdragon technology

I have yet to witness a 540 degree photobooth. This time round the HTC One is gonna prove to us that technology has surpassed our imagination. Check out this cool video of the ‘Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth’ by HTC One. In order to capture the powerful technology of the phone, a platform stage, circular in fashion was set up with a spiral train of HTC phones. This allowed the phones to snap at all angles. People were asked to go into the booth and do things that they want. These include stunts like breakdancing, skateboard, high jumping and even one dude breathing fire! The booth was able to capture amazing angles. It allowed the HTC One’s super fast Snapdragon to showcase it’s true capability. Check out all the fun thats happening right there now.

Embbed postings

embed-this-post-970x0 screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-4-38-34-pm-625x1000 screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-4-37-51-pm-625x1000


Looking at the huge amount of social media platforms out there in the digital landscape, one needs to stay competitive to ensure it keeps up with the demands of the consumer again and again. Recently, Facebook announced that it would allow the embedding of posts quite early this month. While this is quite a similar to a step that Twitter has adopted, the social giant is already well on it’s way to make it’s offering just as good. As you can see, a new option is available when you click on the top right hand corner of your post. Just below the report/spam option, there is now an Embbed Post feature. You can now gain access to the codes which you could use by cutting and pasting it to activate the Facebook post. Bear in mind though, the original post needs to be a public post.

Awaken your soul

These days more and more automobile commercials are trying to break the norm of showing just a car right smack in the face with some really cliche catchy copy. At the same time there are also commercials which are way too over the top. They do not deliver the product message clearly and communicates the products facts that are not entirely true. KIA has done a commercial that is actually quite beautiful. Publicidad Tere Suarez, Puerto Rico, the advertising agency which did this commercial for the KIA Soul had one message in mind – Awaken Your Soul. We see the vehicle brisk through the jungle effortlessly and quietly. Slowly awakening the living souls hiding within the forest. A tad mystical yet coupled with true elements of nature. This commercial is both pleasing to the eye and showcases the product features.