The Hunter

hunted_on_the_road_aotw hunted_at_the_crossroad_aotw hunted_at_night_aotw hunted_in_the_park_aotw


It gets exhilarating whenever I see brilliant creative work. As much as I am adamant that creative work should strive to be innovative and experiential, print media has its beauty and continued to be an integral part of the creative implementations. There has been great work from awesome agencies and most often or not, the best work are generally very clear and less subtle on their messaging. Here is an example of a really visually impactful yet clear cut messaging by advertising agency, Heads Propaganda, Brazil, in an effort to warn us of the impending danger when we neglect cyclists on the roads. Respect them, don’t ‘hunt’ them.

You should try mine.

There was a time when agencies would work closely with clients and through bilateral working relationships, developed an implicit chemistry for marketing products and services. When social marketing begin ploughing through the way we advertise brands, it changes the mechanics of how we see ourselves believing in brands again. Despite word of mouth marketing being a widely used method of convincing consumers, not many has taken a deep thought as to why it is possess such viral effectivity. The reason has always been ‘trust’. With trust, people loosen their guard and they tend to allow brands to actually ‘interrupt’ and begin the cognitive selling process. Toyota came out with the ‘Try my Hybrid’ campaign in Norway, leveraging on social media via the mobile environment. Showing real Toyota Hybrid owners, they allowed others to take their Toyota Hybrid for a ride with no strings attached. This generated massive traction and instantly became a hit. I guess nothing beats a real test drive from a sincere ‘salesman’. In this case, a real Toyota Hybrid driver. Realvertising.