The art and the craft of graphics

 superhero beach typefelt ladyrocket splat

With the ubiquitous that “Print is dead”, a lot of creatives are starting to lose their faith in stuffs which we used to craft back in the days of art school. It is undeniable that digital graphics is so much more innovative and appealing. However, to sometimes move back the clock is a nice way to create something inspiring as well. Italian designer Jacopo Rosati created a set of very interesting and extremely adorable art pieces using fuzzy felt materials. Being a hands on person, he wanted to try something that isn’t very digital based.

“My goal was to develop flat bidimensional collages, as paper is already used in illustration, plus it can’t guarantee the same hardness that felt does”. Will you just check out these interesting art pieces? They are so interesting and very well made. Not to mention they are also very cute in their own way. Time to add these to my Pinterest board!