Email your time away

I like this. I liked how blatant this guy is when he’s got enough time on his hands to do whatever the fxxk he wants. Yes, the message communicated is exactly what most of us are going through. The agony is, most of our phones have gone all futuristic on us but our inboxes remained like it was designed for the 90s and still going proud. Productivity hasn’t gone up too much nor has content and data management gone any way more advanced. This commercial shows a man with that much time after he cuts off excess time managing his shitty email software. We see him getting served by some hot chick, playing fencing, even all the way to soldering a cake! Nice exaggerated way of communicating time being wasted. Start using Inbox Cube! It’s about time.

PC no more



PCs are slowly eroding into the darkness. That is a very serious note right here. Remember the times we would all browse through tech magazines, buying the fastest gear to get our PCs all whipped up for the best gaming experience? These days, PCs are slowly losing its consumer equity but the gaming crowds remain competitive and intact. However, as people now move towards smartphones and tablets, they are losing interest in PCs. Speaking of tablets, as I have posted some time ago, there is still market competition between PCs tablets and Android or IOS. But sadly, the truth is PCs are slowly being replaced by Apple’s popular iPads as well as newer tablets from Samsung who is reportedly innovating their products very rapidly. This lack of interest is slowly going to replace people’s interest in having a fixed desktop but slowly transitioning to the mobile era of laptops, smartphones and tablets. It’s basically data on the go, data on the convenience. Again, another topic of discussion: Data transmission and ISPs.