Giant lunchbox

One of the commonly used creative approach for outdoor advertising. The ‘bigger-than-life’ approach to create attention. McDonald’s restaurant in Sydney, Australia has executed a large scale stunt where they erect a giant size kid’s lunch box done up with vivid colours and an amazing facade! DDB Sydney headed the project and has implemented this outdoor activation to move around Australia. Major cities like Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne will see this big lovely lunch box hitting their streets! This surprise is actually another exciting pop-up restaurant to give McDonalds fans another interesting dinning experience.

DDB, awesome agency.

Obviously creative agencies would find the most innovative way to approach hiring of their own talents. After all, talents are assets which agencies are built upon. As our environment changes, the way we hire also evolves with time. With the introduction of online and digital media, there are many innovative ways to leverage on. DDB, Oslo picked Snapchat as the platform for them to recruit the cream of the corp. 10 seconds is all you need to pitch your idea across. So, make it work. If you do, you will get to fly over to Oslo for an interview. Winners to be announced on April 3rd.

Shade up the buses

A simple idea can bring about effective results. Sometimes it is not just about the creative budget. It is about bringing the experience right down to the consumer. I do sometimes start off my work with the “What If” question. What if I could brand Ray Ban glasses simply by giving the public the experience of using one? Ray-Ban Belgium and DDB has teamed up to launch this simple campaign by decorating public transportation with tinted window panels to communicate across the message for promoting Ray-Ban’s polarized color lenses. Cool idea.