Adobe Marketing Cloud

I have been wanting to post this ad for a while. Released by Adobe in an attempt to ridicule mindless marketers who simply had no idea what good marketing is all about. The Adobe Marketing Cloud is to enable marketers to effectively managed their online audience by further understanding and monitoring their presence. Interestingly, Adobe is diversifying its services for its Cloud platform. More details for Adobe Marketing can be found here.

Ads ruining Instagram?

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Looks like it’s confirmed that more ads will be pouring into our beautifully decorated photo galleries on Instagram. As it seems, it is reported that the company would currently concentrate on pushing a rather small amount of aesthetically beautiful yet high quality photos and even videos from brands that already have a huge following in the social community. And this would be initially targeted at users from the United States. I believed I have touched on the topic of ad insertions being a very sensitive operation as it significantly causes a disruption in the aesthetics as well as the flow of user experience, if it is not done correctly. Of course, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook has now cleverly integrated the ad experience into their social platform and that is a great leading example to follow. On top of that, Instagram also has a similar option of allowing users to hide it from their feed as well as reporting possible spams to Instagram.


Ultimately, companies has long ago took the opportunity to run some of their marketing efforts on this photo driven social platform and it comes as no surprise that Instagram will provide more companies with expanded options to have their brands being noticed. While there are possible risks of brands losing their followers, the idea of having more exposure through ads would still ultimately help companies to establish revenues and stay operational. At the end of the day, Instagram remains a photo-driven social platform for users to upload their pictures and videos and allowing them to hold ownership to their own visual properties. That promise to users remain intact.