Hi, catty catty!

Did someone say designing calendars are the most daunting tasks ever? Designers often dread doing this because they easily stereotyped it as both dull and staid in execution. To me that is pretty much dried juice in my opinion. See, if you actually pay enough attention to pop culture and trends, you could inject some amazing fun into it. Kate Funk, a Milwaukee-based cat photographer had just launched a cute calendar featuring her cat AC in several quirky and provocative attires. This is the fruition of her collaboration with her roommate, Brendan Groh. What we have here in the pictures are snapshots from what she called ‘The World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. Yes, that’s a mouthful. But i assured you this is probably the most interesting calendar that doesn’t feature holidays or boring post it columns. Love it!

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Pizza movie night

It doesn’t hurt to reward your loyal customers with some good old fashion fun, usually with affordable budget. Im always keen on ideas that pushes boundaries of existing platforms to evolve it further. A good advice for most marketing executives is to leverage old or low tech. Simply because low tech does not equate to low engagement. Crafting a good brand experience can come in the form of ANY available media, platform or tech. Take a look at this awesome initiative by Pizza Hut. They embedded movies which are downloadable via QR codes on four totally different box designs! Furthermore, they are individually characterised as Slice Night, Anchovy Armageddon, Hot & Ready and Fully Loaded. As you probably would imagine, each of these names symbolises a different movie genre. Interestingly, the box by itself is known as the Blockbuster Box. I think this is very cool. The formula to create exciting experience that is very functional to its business, characterizing their boxes and giving their customers variety is a very clever combo. While the practical side of it is argueably quite difficult to pull off without dirtying your phone and the result a rather less ‘hi-res’ movie quality, it’s still a magnificent idea nonetheless. Let’s just hope it improves as the campaign idea moves along.

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Google Cardboard


Carboard-thing cardboard-google-io


This must have really astounded attendees at the Google I/O keynote. Apparently Google gave the audiences a little exciting gift.  A really cool DM constructed from pure corrugated cardboard with some neat tech stuffs like lenses, magnets, some velcro and a rubber band. What it comes out to be is actually an Oculus Rift looking VR viewer that corresponds with Android smartphones. Im seeing how companies are making technology at such fast pace with lowered production, making technology for the masses. Regardless, this is an awesome initiative. After all, tech should be made available for everyone.


Creative packaging

I refer to a post on CB, Creative Bloq. This article gives a really interesting insight into the type of packaging to use to make your package stand out from the clutter. Obviously, the idea of coming out with interesting packages has always posed a problem for most art directors. Since a lot of creatives are mainly focused on ideation for above the line marketing purposes, a huge percentage of creatives tend to lose their touch in design, brick and motar design aspects. A nicely done up brochure with great copy and good visual direction will see itself in the bin right away if the package doesn’t appeal to the receiver. He/she wouldn’t bother opening it up to view the contents. So i think it is great advice to start to be in the know for what’s really cool and fascinating as a package.

Check out the article here: Creative Bloq. It gives great insights on the type of packaging that you could explore. Here are some of the visuals taken from the site. In a nutshell, it talks about using different approaches:

1. Stamps and seals.
2. Interesting colors.
3. Unique boxes.
4. Materials.
5. Sizes, shapes and textures.
6. Small bite sized packages.

Ok, have a read and see if you can come out with something amazing to jazz up your package next time.

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Coffee branding

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It sure feels good to do great creative work. Which is why branding works has been one area which I have been very keen to explore for my career in the creative line. I believe that the source of a creative product comes right from it’s initial spark. With the premise that a brand possessing strong identity is ultimately the results of a great brand strategy, brand building is an essential part of your initial product life cycle. J Hornig has lately done some really nice work. A long established brand that is still willing to go the extra mile to give their brand a little refreshing. Such effective branding work. Check out what they have done from the pictures.

Cutlery that flies

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This is just so so cool. Eugeni Quitlet, a french industrial designer had recently created this interesting flatware kit that can be assembled to form a plane! He managed to create a set of cutlery comprising of the knife, spoon, fork and the plane’s wings. Taking the physics of aerodynamics into his work, he created this magnificent work that consists of a beautiful plane as well as brilliant cutlery ware. Awesome. He was tasked to help Air France on their airline’s flatware in an effort to assist in reducing carbon footprint. Looking forward to see his work come to life soon in October. Maybe on my flight to Paris.

Design that gives you fun

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This is very cool. Japanese design agency D-Bros has got something for us. We see here a set of really fun and creatively designed envelopes. They spring on lots of fun and also encompasses a rather unique identity for themselves. By pulling the tab you will unveil the graphic using the tearing off movement from your tab. We see the long trail of exhaust steam! This is definitely adding a little fun to our current state of technologically driven world.

The Littlest Ad Agency



This easily qualify as one of the interesting business card I have seen for this year so far. While it does has some similarities to the idea that IKEA used for one their direct mailers, it is still interesting as the application is different. An ad agency called The Littlest Ad Agency just did these lovely business cards which open up to a lovely well illustrated character at her table. Cute and very lovely.

Pop up furnitures

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Chanced upon this beautiful Direct Mailer from Behance here. I would say this dm really reminds me of the nice old pop up books I used to browse during my school days. What comes about as a strong design is the fact that the dm is slotted in conveniently beneath the door which conveys the message that Ikea furnitures can be transported and assembled easily. Nice and cute dm.

The Reading ‘Tray’

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Ever thought you could eat while you read your favorite magazine without any crumbles or spills from your morning breakfast? Well, now you can! I spotted a tray that allows you to browse your book and still enjoy your coffee.

Although many people habitually do several tasks at once, they do not realize that they are multitasking”, unless a “mistake” is made. Yuhun Kim.

Designed by South Korean designer Yuhun Kim, known as the The ‘Reading Tray’, this will be part of her ‘Aids for Multi-tasking’ series, aimed to reduce the errors that arise when we multi-task, making the process easier.