Range Rover – Scent

The Land Rover brand is becoming a big hit amongst many youths these days who aspires to take on the off road experience. The Range Rover, however, is a modern luxury SUV with off road features. With the vehicle’s sexy facade and it’s powerful engine, it is easily one of the most adored ride for city cruising. Check out Y&R, USA’s recent TV commercial for the Range Rover. We see a man returning a scarf he found with the help of his ride and pet dog, to this lovely lady. A simple advertisement that brings about the car and the lifestyle it entails.

Play, it’s good for you

We have seen commercials with little children immersing themselves in their stash of toys and the usual sales driven voiceover scripts. Here, we have an ad for dogs, featuring a food product with ‘play’ as it’s unique selling position. With no voiceovers, and just adorable dogs playing around while coordinating their act together, we see how dogs can have their fun. I particularly like the last part where the dominos falls, revealing the copy. “Play, it’s good for you.”