Double decker TV

Truly these days when everything seemed so predictable and options so limited, we tend to adopt traditional risk adverse approaches when building brands. It is in such circumstances that the best option is indeed to create your every own media. Curb Media recently had London’s double-decker bus transformed into one gigantic mobile TV screen. With a whipping 36 meter screen, this is easily one of the most massive mobile TV screens ever. Interestingly, the bus was scheduled to rove around Covent Garden, embarking a 15-day tour in London. Best of all, there were both live and recorded event contents broadcasted. Together with really nice sound system by Curb Media, it turns out to be a fantastic experience. Outdoor activations when done right, yields tremendous results.

Night of fun


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It was a splendid experience at the Mad Men Attic last night. Speaking of nice finger foods, great booze and an ambience that got the crowd high all night, this event has it all covered. They even throw in a live fashion show. “Riot”, was the theme for Renoma’s launch event for some of their new collections. This PR event created a rather unique way of showcasing their runway within the industrial inspired interior of the club. Situated right on top north canal road, the location is ideal for office crowds as well as evening creative hippies like us. (HA!) Afterall, its the Mad Men Attic right? Anyway, Renoma in Singapore has gained quite a bit of traction in terms of it’s marketing and has encouraged a great deal of support thus far. Having an event this personal, draws the brand even closer to their fans, regulars and advocates. I’m starting to like the idea of going for a fashion show with free booze, great ambience and lots of insane company!

Event space installation

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I have done quite a fair bit of events and exhibitions. There are many ways we can inspired a rather old spot and that includes a nice touch on the visuals we use, smart creative ways to implement more spaces as well as a very strong concept behind it. What you are seeing here is the installation from Sam Songailo, a significant part of the growing arts scene in Adelaide. This installation is held in an industrial warehouse. Innovative way of manipulating art. Clever.