Paintings that you can eat?

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The level of engagement depends on how immersive the brand wishes to communicate with their audience. Coming out with refreshing ideas has always been the constant challenge for brands seeking to break through the clutter. Looking at Danish brand, Castello, a cheese company in New York City creating impact in their brand marketing effort is simply astounding. Check out how they erect a museum in New York’s grand central station. They even elevate the experience further by introducing edible art pieces! Passer by can have a taste of their delicious cheese by reaching into the paintings! Not only does the experience intrigue both smell and taste, it is visually appeasing. Awesome.

Yummy yummy!

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Im sure girls are going to like this. I remember watching a TED talk where the speaker spoke of how our senses play a vital role in allowing the mind to register a splendid experience from one to the other. Designers have always been able to create visually appealing items but what about incorporating smell into these pretty little things? If you are into nice pretty confectionaries, the recent work from Firebox has a nice assortment of cute coin purses infused with lovely fragrances to intrigue your senses. With designs like donuts, macoroons and even candies, the smell factor has certainly beef up the idea to a whole new exciting level. Scents like strawberry, chocolate, mint and orange are some of the iconic scents that comes along with these lovely pursues. Certainly an interesting fashion item to have isn’t it? Check them out here.

Love indulging in sweet meringue and yummy confectionaries?Firebox has created a collection of coin purses that are infused with these delicious fragrances.

These scented zip-up coin purses are shaped like donuts and belgium waffles and they come in three flavored scents—original, strawberry and chocolate, while the macaron purses are packed with delightful scents of chocolate, mint, strawberry and orange.

Find out more about these decadent purses here.

HOT Bus stop shelters

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi once said that the power of brands is in their ability to trigger emotions within consumers. Emotions is a strong word with the power to trigger an action. And Duracell displays that kind of motivation through their heated bus shelters. In this chilly weather, they brought heat to people using their heat empowered bus stop shelters. A smart idea within a smarter idea. In order for you to activate the heat sensors, they encourage people to ‘connect’ to themselves by holding their hands. As you clamp within the shelter, you experience warmth. Nothing comes close to beating the cold in this weather. Great work from Duracell.

Interactive Pizza ordering

It gets a little infuriating when you can’t get dinner served the way you want it. Especially when it comes to pizzas, there are a variety of choices and combinations apart from the standard menu options. For the discerning few, they know their pizza and it is always a matter of striking the balance between offering what’s really good versus what’s really in demand. Fret no more, Pizza Hut has recently surfaced a conceptual ordering system with the help from folks at Chaotic Moon Studios. Check out this video. What you will see is an interesting demo of a couple ordering pizzas from an interactive screen. The entire experience aims to simulate a more engaging experience. You get to choose the exact size of your pizza, meddle with the shape, spoilt yourself with the generous toppings and even enjoy a game or two while you wait for your pizzas! If this is the future, why do we still need waiters?

Google Chromecast

There is so much talk about the new Google Chromecast. Check out this new ad from Google for the Chromecast. The ad has already gotten more than a million views on youtube. It basically showcases the usability and functions of the Chromecast device. The main feature of this HDMI device is its ability to allow you to broadcast content from any of your devices. Be it Mobile, Tablet, Laptops or even your Desktops, straight into your TV. Simply amazing! The way I see it, this device’s pretty much packed a bomb of fun and entertainment for the family. Definitely a blast of an experience!

Not always Mobile-First please

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As technology advances together with the raising demands of the consumers, the market is swarm with a repertoire of mobile apps. This article speaks a lot of sense in what is happening around the globe right now. People are starting to move towards starting off an idea or campaign driven by apps and leveraging on its popular demand as one of the driving factors to a great campaign. While I do not deny the fact that apps are increasingly changing people’s lives and their mobile behaviors, I strongly recommend creatives to not jump the gun and dive straight for it. There is just once too many occasions we tend to take what comes to mind first. There could be an excitement that you cannot contain. Perhaps you have been yearning to do an app that could possibly impact the world and you saw this opportunity and you thought, yes i am going to do just that. You start taking up your pencil and doodle not the idea, but the user journey.

Bear in mind, the mobile experience is not delivered solely through apps. The native browser on very phone serves as a potential web surfing tool with it’s in built capabilities. This article had R/GA’s executive explaining how as technology advances, the web experience is getting richer and marketers should learn to leverage on this and enrich the content surfing experience on the mobile.

While I have always believe the lesser the amount of click throughs, the higher your chance of getting a better usability and experience. Apps are still required for the user to download and configure prior to actual usage. While for web, the user can simply on the browser and start surfing. So, be it an app or a mobile website, they both have their pros and cons. The challenge lies in harnessing the ability to determine which application best suit the client’s marketing objectives.