Beneath my skin

I love what I just saw. A post from DesignTaxi shared some really fascinating pictures from artist Danny Quirk. He has created a series of very realistic yet dimensional visuals on the human body. This seemingly artistic yet erratic paintings is a nice composition of latex, acrylic and markers. The result is real physical demonstration of human anatomy coming to life! The models had these medical illustrations on their body to help bring in a closer realistic view of our body. Extremely mind blowing visuals!

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The art of Kyle Thompson

kyle-thompson-photo-01 kyle-thompson-photo-07 kyle-thompson-photo-08 kyle-thompson-photo-03 kyle-thompson-photo-09 timthumb kyle-thompson-photo-02 kyle-thompson-photo-10-1

Kyle Thompson’s work speaks a lot for itself. Nice photography of course, but what it gives is more than what we could fathom. As the saying goes, “You cannot give what you do not have”. This photographer’s work is pretty interesting and he has given us a bit more than the usual. A lot of thoughts goes down your mind as you look at his work. Would love to see more of his stuffs.