Microsoft Office on iPad

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at AM 12.20.24


Wow, i think it is about time that Microsoft would bring on the Office onto iPad. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft mentioned the use of touch user interface for Office on iPad. In the Gartner event in Florida, he mentioned that it is imperative for the iPad to have the touch first user interface. It is said that the touch first interface is “in progress” and Microsoft plans to release it earlier to the Windows version and the iPad edition following it.

Qi Lu, Microsoft’s head of applications and services mentioned that the company is “working on touch-first versions for our core apps in the Office suite” and that it will bring these apps into the Windows devices as well as other devices which is tailored to their needs. I believe office is commonly being used by most people and with its popularity and its long rooted history, it is a smart move to introduce Office onto the iPad. Now, we can have work on the go. Looking forward to more news of this upcoming launch.

Neat 3D artwork

legochalkdrawing06 legochalkdrawing05 legochalkdrawing07 legochalkdrawing08 legochalkdrawing02 legochalkdrawing04 legochalkdrawing03


3D street painting is one of the few environmental artwork approaches that gives off an interesting appeal and refreshes the mundane street scenics at the same time. Especially with good material and content, we can create engaging visuals. Check this awesome 3D painting of a LEGO Terracotta Army by Planet Streetpainting, a collective of street artists which are based in Netherlands. This amazing artwork is done up in the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida for the Pavement Art Through the Ages. Neat stuffs.