Oreo in a different light


Have you checked out the new flavour from Oreo? Their newly launched ‘Filled Cupcake Oreo’ literally gave their classic cookie a change in their food design. This one has got that awesome chocolate filling together mixed with original creme, right smacked in the centre. A rather enticing blend of flavour. I think what is notable is the launch of this cookie was rather less mainstream than usual. They unveiled on 245 W. 18th St. in New York and expose this delicious cooke to the excited passers-bys. The current launch date is set to 8 February in the US. I wonder when will they come to Asia??


Design for diet

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This is definitely a cool way to go for hardcore dieters. ‘360’, a student driven project from Sweden’s Linnaeus University taps on the idea of giving discerning diet enthusiasts the ideal meal pack with just 360 calories. And not just meal packs, it also encompasses delicious desserts. Andreas Wikström, Erika Teljing and Hanna Mellin, the team behind this interesting work displays a nice flair of design. I personally love the packaging and how effective it is in directly gaining my attention as well as communicating across the product benefits. All you need to do is to simply heat it up and the meal is ready to serve. Simple, easy and effective.

Fashion ice cream!

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Check this out. When I first lay my eyes on this beautiful set of designs by Dubai-based designer, Lara Atkinson, I was totally blown away by her design craftsmanship. I love what I saw. They were beautiful, visually satisfying for me as a creative. I like how she portray the designs so vividly, so provocatively yet transforming the look and feel of a typical ice cream popsicle. These were created to celebrate the branding of popular luxe designer labels. Together with local high-fashion departmental stores, the designer created a set of signature ice cream popsicles, down right to the flavors and each of her chosen brands were famous brands like Kenzo, Burberry and Alexander McQueen. Nice adventurous palette with visually compelling graphics on it. These popsicles are available in berry couture, honeycomb crunch, lemon sorbet and passion fruit blast. Ingenious way of marketing one of the most celebrated brands together in a creative manner. Bravo.

Where food is art and art is good

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A typical Singaporean like me can never escape the temptations of good food and it seems inherent in every one of us, the perpetual need to explore every corner just to satisfy that food urge. French desserts are my favorites and that means I too developed a strong affection for french éclairs. Pastry chef Christophe Adam’s innovative approach to the traditional dessert have raise eyebrows and caught much media attention. He created wonders with the use of interesting ingredients like yuzu, fresh strawberries, popcorn and salted caramel.

“An éclair has to taste good of course, but it’s also very, very important for it to look beautiful, to have that high-end, contemporary, modern quality.”

Then, there comes the point where it look so amazingly perfect that you wouldn’t bear to gobble down your tummy. But rest assured, these are not the end of his inventions. There are more to come. And there is already some interesting collection where the new fangled éclair comes with powdered silver coating. There is also éclairs with digital images!

Check out Adam’s “concept store” L’éclair de Génie.

Sex can be this ‘yummy’

Wow, here is a really interesting video that illustrates the statistics and gives you a clearer insight to the differences between REAL sex and PORN sex. The interesting aspect of it is the way the video taps on the use of food to educate and explain their content. Kornhaber Brown, the production studio that delivered this video is known to create powerful videos, web series and motion graphics on YouTube and more. Check out this video and have fun!

Take your time.

If you have seen enough of beer ads, you would have realize the abomination of these ads are the creation of bad scripts, dull storyline and the portrayal of lame male masculinity. While all these still holds true, there are exceptions. Amstel Lager created this TV spot that features quite an inspiring story of a chef on his stride to becoming a great chef. We see the huddles he overcame, the nights he had to burn and the long painful learning process which he endure through. The enervating transformation from a dishwasher to a chef illustrates the perpetual attitude of the male lead. Throughout the video, we see scenes where Amstel Lager is well celebrated. At the end of the commercial, the copy runs across: “Take your time. Slow brewed. Extra matured.” The commercial brings forth the message the importance of quality preceding quantity.