Igloo bungalow!

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I believe in the concept of Airbnb; where people could connect with one another as they enjoy a part of their lodging together. The concept itself is beautiful. It connects people, enables travellers to enjoy a rather unique experience. We can certainly stretch the concept of unique all the way towards exotic. We can all pretty much agree that creativity has no limits. Check out the “Boutique Winter Igloo”. A freelance art director, Patrick Horton, and his room mates had just built an amazing winter cave, made up of natural elements. It promises a rather exotic experience for two. After having listed it on Airbnb, the ad got taken down by an employee from Airbnb. This was what he said to Patrick:

“We are happy to see that you guys are saying busy and having fun during Blizpocalype,” an Airbnb rep wrote. “Unfortunately, you igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards.”

Check out the pictures. Its really one chic looking backyard bungalow! Enjoy the snow people.

Smash Smash Smash


People are way too stressed these days. The undisputed pleasure derived from deliberate smashing and trashing might just be the solution for them. The successful inauguration of the Break Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina, back in 2013 have got people going in a room where they destroy items like shattering bottles, punching and breaking the environment. Now in Toronto, a new concept- the Rage Room, offers a similar concept with a basic package of five ceramic plates and a weapon of your choice. Expect to fray off all your anger and anxiety with this awesome setup!

Creative LEGO direction

Ha! Gotta love the styling and idea by Buenos Aires-based art director Alexandre Tissier. Apparently he has developed a series of interesting ads with the idea he conceived as fiction meets fiction. I love how he conceived the idea, merging heroes with other fun storylines. Interestingly, these combinations gave the message of creativity and building. Both of which, are symbolic to LEGO’s reputation for toy imaginations.

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GoPro cameras being one of the emerging trends photographers used to create amazing perspectives in pictures has receive yet another innovative approach. Jonas Ginter, a German photojournalist created an interesting 360° video with the help of 6 GoPro cameras by mounting them atop of his bike. I love what he has created and how the entire experience prove to be rather unique. I remember being a designer, I always loved the spherical images where we lay out visuals nicely in a ring around a circular sphere. Apparently, we can do that in motion now with Jonas’ experiment. What Jonas did was to create a mount from 3D printing and attached the 6 cameras on it. He then went on a bike ride and recorded this interesting video. Check it out.

LEGO Kit Kat

Unfortunately, this post has been rendered invalid and kit kat claims no direct mutual partnership has been made official. Case rested.

These days the idea of cross selling becomes so integral, so easy and so natural. My favorite toy, Lego now has a Kit Kat edition. Building it around the idea of having a break from using Lego, it successfully integrates the fun element within the candy. And it allows people to build more than one single design.

Bro, let me take over the wheel.

Haven’t got time for your pals? Spending too much time on your relationship? Fret not, a cure is on it’s way. A while ago, there were interesting stuffs that allow guys to sneak their way out from tight relationship commitments to spend more quality time with their pals and now we have one that serve the same purpose. Actually, it is even better. The BroApp is created to give you that ability to multi task between your lover and your best friend. Leaving you with more capacity to hang around with your mates, the app’s intelligent functions keeps daily ‘operations’ in check. When configured, allows you to not only tweet to her but also send her timely text messages. Something most guys should leverage on! Now you can spend that quality time with your mates, the way you want it.


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Boy, have I not been blogging a lot lately, my schedule is getting pretty insane. Nonetheless, there is always time for Lego isn’t it? Andrew Whyte, a photographer from UK has been quite popular with his unique photography personality. As he brings along this little Lego minifig, he travels around taking interesting pictures from the perspective of the little man. Calling this Legography, he has spurred the interest of many and even led to the proliferation of Lego minifig photographers riding the waves of his success on social photography sites like Instagram or Facebook.

 “As an exploration of mobile photography, the project was very enlightening and quite liberating — to know I could be just about anywhere and still keep on top of things,” says Whyte. Check out more of his stuffs at  Long Exposures.

DDB, awesome agency.

Obviously creative agencies would find the most innovative way to approach hiring of their own talents. After all, talents are assets which agencies are built upon. As our environment changes, the way we hire also evolves with time. With the introduction of online and digital media, there are many innovative ways to leverage on. DDB, Oslo picked Snapchat as the platform for them to recruit the cream of the corp. 10 seconds is all you need to pitch your idea across. So, make it work. If you do, you will get to fly over to Oslo for an interview. Winners to be announced on April 3rd.

Spongebob Mailpants

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One day my kids will grew up writing to santa every christmas. To encourage kids to start this habit, Nickelodeon collaborated with United States Postal Service to create USPS mailboxes using their favorite cartoon icon(as well as me and my gf’s), Spongebob Squarepants! Oops, in this case, they named it Spongebob Mailpants! They revamped the usual mundane looking mail boxes with nice yellow decals and brighten up the boxes with Spongebob’s trademark smiling face! He even had his pants fitted on. It is interesting seeing how far adults would go to encourage little kids to write letters or send greeting cards. While technology remains vital to innovation and progress in modern society, little kids growing up in our evolving environment should not forget the joy of writing like how we used to before technology was invented. The campaign has since started in all 13 US cities.

Night of fun


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It was a splendid experience at the Mad Men Attic last night. Speaking of nice finger foods, great booze and an ambience that got the crowd high all night, this event has it all covered. They even throw in a live fashion show. “Riot”, was the theme for Renoma’s launch event for some of their new collections. This PR event created a rather unique way of showcasing their runway within the industrial inspired interior of the club. Situated right on top north canal road, the location is ideal for office crowds as well as evening creative hippies like us. (HA!) Afterall, its the Mad Men Attic right? Anyway, Renoma in Singapore has gained quite a bit of traction in terms of it’s marketing and has encouraged a great deal of support thus far. Having an event this personal, draws the brand even closer to their fans, regulars and advocates. I’m starting to like the idea of going for a fashion show with free booze, great ambience and lots of insane company!